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Digital Marketing is a well-known term that cannot be overlooked by any business owners, salespersons, marketers, and SEO optimizers. You cannot rely only on traditional Marketing to grow your business, you need a modern way of reaching your business to the prospective audience. This can be achieved through Digital Marketing. To meet the demand for business promotion through Digital Marketing, the demand for digital Marketers has grown considerably. Acesoftech Academy offers the best Digital Marketing Course in baghajatin.
Acesoftech Academy a prominent Digital Marketing Training Institute in baghajatin, Kolkata offers SEO, PPC, SMM, SEM, and digital marketing courses with live projects and 100% placement assistance. Our course is always updated to sync with the current Google update and also cater to the needs of current business needs. We are among the best Digital Marketing Training centers in baghajatin. If you are searching for a Digital Marketing course in baghajatin that can provide you a modern Digital Marketing course with placement, Acesoftech Academy assures you of quality training.

Objectives & Outcomes of this course

This Digital Marketing course in baghajatin will enable you to:

  • Improves your understanding of the most recent advancements and updates in Digital Marketing concepts, and methodologies, and gain familiarity with integrating Digital Marketing into traditional marketing strategies.
  • Improve comprehension of the elements that influence visitor behavior in the digital economy.
  • Acquire enhanced and comprehensive expertise in the methodologies associated with digital and data-driven marketing, encompassing data analysis and strategic planning.
  • Create a comprehensive blueprint for your or your client's Business Digital Marketing tactics. Additionally, gain insights into maximizing benefits with limited budgets.
  • Conduct thorough research and utilize your expertise in a specific field to establish a strong business presence among potential customers.
  • Acquire expertise on promoting your business in both domestic and international markets to enhance visitor numbers and ultimately boost.
  • Course Duration: 4 Months / 6 Months
  • Class: 3 Days in a week
  • Fees: Rs- 20,000/- and 30,000/-
  • Mode Of Training:





    Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

    • Introduction
    • Who can Join this Course?
    • Pre-Requisite
    • Course Benefit
    • Website Planing
    • HTML5/CSS3 Training(If you don’t know)
    • Keyword Research
    • Landing Page
    • E-Commerce Website
    • Web Audit / Analytics
    • SMM (Social Media Marketing )
    • In Bound Marketing
    • Digital Ads
    • Email Marketing
    • Content/Video
    • Blogging and AdSense Earning
    • Website/Projects
    • Google Analytics
    • Lead Generation
    • Career Help
    • Google Algorithm Updates
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • ORM (Online Reputation Management)
    • Google My business
    • AI and Automation in Digital Marketing
    • Digital Marketing Reporting
    • Freelance And Bidding
    • Open your own Digital Marketing Company
    • SPA(Single Page Application) Optimization
    • Digital Marketing Tools
    • Certification Help
    • Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing
    • Free Tools

    Career Assistance: Resume building, Mock interviews, 1:1 mentorship and Career fair

    Program Certificate from Acesoftech Academy

    Who can do this Digital Marketing Course?

    Anyone with an interest in digital marketing can do a digital marketing course. There are no specific prerequisites or qualifications required to enroll in a digital marketing course. Whether you are a student, a working professional, a business owner, or simply someone looking to enhance your skills, you can benefit from learning about digital marketing. The course is designed to accommodate people from various backgrounds and levels of experience. Whether you are a beginner or have some prior knowledge, a digital marketing course can provide you with valuable insights and practical skills to excel in the field of digital marketing.

    Acesoftech Academy is providing
    Digital Marketing course
    Since 2010

    Get online or class-room
    digital marketing course

    You can join online or offline class-room
    training as per your convenenice

    We start sending you for interviews starting from the fourth month of the course

    Over 250 hiring partner companies are available.
    Dedicated mentors available for doubt sessions.
    GAccess to a well-equipped lab space for daily practice after class.
    Limited to only one batch per month with a maximum of five students.
    We provide 100% job assistance.
    Trainers with over 15 years of experience
    We have Dedicated HR teams located in all major cities in India

    become job ready in 4 to 6 months by learning our advanced
    digital marketing

    Tools You Will Master

    Get practical knowledge by working on live and real-life projects

    Get the live expricnce of working on our client's
    projects while studying,learn by doing it.

    Advantages of Training at Acesoftech Academy

    Online and in-person training options available

    Guaranteed internship or job placement programs

    A team dedicated to helping students find placements

    Certifications that are recognized worldwide for mastery-level skills

    Access to backup classes

    Emphasis on practical learning and real-world projects

    Hands-on training with capstone projects

    Free technical support and personalized career counseling

    Expert mentors available for guidance

    Regular assessments, tests, and assignments to track progress and learning

    Programs designed specifically for individuals without a background in IT.

    Specialized opportunities for those outside the IT industry.

    earn extra income through
    our freelance & bidding course
    included in this course

    Certificate From Acesoftech Academy

    Recent Projects Done by Our Student

    Students Review

    Imran Khan

    Digital Marketing

    Hi, I am Imran Khan from Chandani, baghajatin. I have done M.Com. Unable to get job my field, I decided to join for Digital Marketing course.I searched for one month from different Digital Marketing institutes in baghajatin.


    Anindya Saha

    Digital Marketing

    I am Anindya Saha from Chandannagar.I had interest in Digital Marketing but not sure which Institute to to join.I got Digital Marketing Training with placement after doing the course from Acesoftech Academy.


    Khusboo Pandit

    Digital Marketing

    I am Khusboo Pandit from baghajatin, currently working as a digital Marketing executive in a company near Molali.I got Digital Marketing Training with placement after doing the course from Acesoftech Academy.


    Zeba Akhtar

    Digital Marketing

    Myself Zeba Akhtar, I have done Digital Marketing course in baghajatin from Acesoftech Academy and currently working as a digital marketing executive in a reputed company in Salt Lake Sector-V, baghajatin.


    Manindar Singh

    Digital Marketing

    I am from Fagwara, Punjab.I have done 4 courses, Joomla Training, WordPress training,Open Cart training as well as Digital Marketing course from this institute. I am working as a Digital Marketing executive.


    Agrodut Kumar

    Digital Marketing

    I am from Bangladesh and I had gone to India for Digital Marketing course.I did Digital Marketing course as well as freelance and bidding course from Acesoftech Academy.I run my own Digital Marketing agency.


    Imran Khan

    Digital Marketing

    I am Imran Khan residing near 4 number bridge,baghajatin.I have done Digital Marketing course form Acesoftech Academy and working in an Australia based company called Million hits.


    Tauseef Tauheed

    Digital Marketing

    I am a graduate and have done SEO/Digital Marketing training in baghajatin from Acesoftech Academy. I am from baghajatin and joined this institute in January 2016 and currently doing freelance job.

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    Acesoftech is committed to high-quality training with an honest pricing model.& It is a perfect platform for people who understand the importance of continuous learning for their career growth.

    • Free web hosting for your own website

    • Free premium wordpress theme for your professional website

    • Trainers will help you to build your own dream website using wordpress

    Check out the right way to lift your
    career with digital marketing


    Learn the right way to make a career in digital marketing?

    Working Individual

    Learn how you can grow your current income?

    Business Owner

    Learn how to grow your business strategically?

    Digital Marketing FAQs

    Acesoftech Academy provides class-room as well-as online instructor based live online training. You can take 4 month course, 6 Months course and 1 year also which includes latest and updated digital marketing training modules. Typical classes last between 4 and 6 months and can be taken either in week-end or week-days also as per your time and schedule.

    One skill that is in-demand in the 21st century is digital marketing. Not to mention, UI/UX design is an essential component of any application we develop. Acesoftech Academy offers courses that are specifically tailored for the youth who are going to shape India's core IT workforce in the coming years. So, while we have 3 types of courses on digital marketing offered here, students can also learn web development, content writing and UI/UX design. We start the course from basic and ends the course with making you a professional digital marketer.

    Acesoftech Academy offers a hybrid online and class-room learning style for all our courses. That way, no matter what your preference, you'll find a class that suits you. Digital marketing course in baghajatin are available both online and in the classroom. In fact, students who prefer to learn just from an online course even we provide a discount on their courses! The only requirement is that the student must a computer with regular internet access.

    Online classes can be a convenient and rewarding way to learn. You'll never have to miss out on the opportunity to improve your skills because our sessions are recorded for later viewing, meaning there's no need to take time out of your day. Additionally, in-person live classes provide another type of learning experience altogether. That said, it's up to you where and how you want to learn. We offer both online and offline options at Acesoftech Academy. So, if you are searching for online Digital Marketing Course in baghajatin, India you can take our classes with full confidence.

    We’ve put together few amazing reasons why Acesoftech Academy is the perfect choice for your needs, in addition to providing you with course curricula, our focus is on hands-on and live project training.

    We care more about results than anything else. Our commitment to guaranteeing placement has made us one of the most well-known digital marketing training institutes in baghajatin. Established in 2009, our Digital Marketing Training institute has been providing training since 2010 and since then we have never looked back.

    Course Design

    Our CEO, Mr. Umar Rahman himself has been working on Digital Marketing for last 16 years. He has designed the course module himself. Apart from that most of the parts of the training he covers himself.

    One of the earliest Digital Marketing Training institute in baghajatin

    Acesoftech Academy has started Digital marketing course in year 2010 (That time it was called SEO Course).Since then we have trained hundreds of Digital Marketing students who are working in different companies from around the world.

    Week-end Classes

    Acesoftech Academy also provides week-end classes which can be taken by the aspiring candidates who is working professional. Those who does not have time in the week-days to attend, Acesoftech Academy takes care of such candidates and try to adjust the timing so that along with doing job they can enhance their skill.

    100% placement assistance

    Acesoftech Academy is a well-known Digital marketing Training institute in baghajatin and most of the IT companies know us. They send their request regularly to us, we send our candidate to them and they hire them.

    Project is important

    We provide them free hosting so that they can host their own domain and also you learn with real-time live project.

    Digital marketing is the process of using electronic channels to promote or market products or services. This can include online advertising, social media, email marketing, and more. The goal of digital marketing is to reach a target audience through these channels and convert them into customers or leads.

    By learning digital marketing, you'll be able to reach more people with your message and sell more products or services. Additionally, digital marketing is a rapidly changing field, so it's important to keep up with the latest trends and best practices. Finally, as more and more businesses move into the digital space, there will be an increasing demand for digital marketers who are able to help companies grow their online presence.

    For pursuing Digital Marketing courses, there is no age bar, there is no education bar. But the general criteria for enrolling is 10th pass. If you have a laptop and basic understanding of computers and the Internet ,you can join this course.

    We have two types of courses: 4 Months and 6 Months courses. Course fees for 4 Months is INR 20,0000 and course fees for 6 Months is INR 25,0000/-

    We provide our own certificate. But we help in getting other certificates like Google ,Facebook blueprint and hubspot certificates as well.

    We have two types of courses. 4 Months and 6 Months there are more than 30 modules in the course.

    Yes, after successful completion of the course, we provide 100% placement assistance to our students. We have our own job portal where hundreds of companies are registered and post their jobs.

    Maximum student batch size is 5-6 per batch so you can have your time. Also, being the batch size smaller gives individual students the opportunities to ask the questions and get solved the queries.

    Digital marketing is high in demand in the market. So, there is a great chance of getting a lucrative salary after completing a digital marketing course in baghajatin. If you check any job website you can search and see, there are a lot of jobs available in the market.

    Yes, we provide week-end classes also. So, in case you are a working professional, you can join the class on the week-end also.

    Average salary for a fresher Digital Marketer is INR 1,20,000 to 1,80, 000 per year. Once you are 3-4 years experience you can expect minimum 4,80,000 to 7, 20,000/-

    You can get record-class video of the class. So, even if you miss the class because of some reason, you can watch the missed class and cover the missed class.

    We provide PDF, and pre-recorded videos as course material. You can study at home.When you attend the class you can ask the question or queries that will arise while watching the videos orr ready the PDF book.

    There are more than 1700 I.T. companies only in baghajatin. Most of them work in Digital Marketing. They need a Digital marketing executive to handle their clients' projects. So, if you take a Digital Marketing course in baghajatin, your time and money will not be wasted at all. Apart from that as you know Digital Marketing is used in any company irrespective of the sector.

    There are more than 10 IT companies in baghajatin which are ex-student of Acesoftech Academy.They're working for handsome money after learning Digital Marketing course. We will guide you how you can open your own digital marketing agency after learning the courses properly.

    We teach our students with live projects. If you have your own business, we will help you to develop your own website. You can promote your business during the course. This way, you can save your money and also you will learn the technology.

    We offer both the modes of classes online as well as offline. So, as per your convenience you can take any of the modes you like.

    With the advent of 4G, 5G in India, doing online Digital Marketing courses is easy. However, offline class is always preferred as compared to online. We provide both the modes, online as well as offline courses. We have our class-room training centre in baghajatin, India.

    Digital marketing courses come with various types of earning opportunities. Doing this course, you can do freelance work and add income to your family without joining any office.

    If you are a student, you can learn this course and there are different opportunities of earning. That we will teach you during the course. So, as a student you can pursue your studies and also earn money side-by-side.

    Our Training institute is located at Topsia, near Science city.

    Digital marketing is the only course that provides a wide range of earning facilities. After completing the Digital Marketing training you will be able to work as a freelance digital marketer.

    Yes, there are different types of earning opportunities after doing a digital marketing course. Such as freelancer SEO content writer, Freelancer on-page SEO optimizer, freelance backlink creator etc.

    Yes, fees can be paid in instalments. We have an easy instalment facility for the fees payment so that you can pay the amount easily.

    We teach in two mediums Hindi and English.

    Digital Marketing Course in Baghajatin

    If you are looking for a reputable institution to learn digital marketing courses in baghajatin, Kolkata, then your search ends here! Our institute offers a comprehensive digital marketing course that covers all essential aspects of the field. With experienced instructors and practical training, you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the world of digital marketing. Whether you are a beginner or have some prior experience, this course is designed to cater to individuals at all skill levels. Join our digital marketing course in baghajatin, Kolkata, and take your career to new heights in the exciting area of digital marketing.

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