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Acesoftech Academy offers Best Flutter Training in Jadavpur Kolkata which covers most of the features of flutter framework and helps you to build Android and IOS apps from a single code base. We are the first training institute in Jadavpur Kolkata which had launched this course in 2018 and since then we have been providing this training and have taught several students of this course.

We have in-house full-time permanent Flutter trainer in our institute so there is no problem of trainer switching in the mid of the course. And this training can be done in week-days as well as week-end.

We always include the course in our curriculum which is in-demand in the market. Flutter is one of the best Hybrid Apps development frameworks in the market. Flutter, a product from Google has fast evolved among its competitors.

Starting from beginning, you will learn advanced level of this course and at the end; you will be able to work on any project given to you.

In our flutter course in Jadavpur Kolkata, you will do projects so that you will get real time experience and also you will get confidence.

  • What is Flutter?
  • How is it essential to build mobile apps?
  • How to set up an environment for development?
  • Why do we need to use Flutter?
  • What do you know about Dart?
  • How to set up your environment?
  • Do you know how to install Flutter SDK?
  • How to install Android Studio?
  • Do you know how to set up Android Emulator?
  • How to install Xcode in Mac?
  • How to set up Xcode iOS simulator in Mac?
  • An Overview of Flutter Architecture
  • Do you know how to build a Flutter app?
  • How to work with assets in Flutter?
  • Deep Dive on Flutter’s Reactive Framework
  • What do you know about layout column and row widgets?
  • How to use icon widget?
  • How to build your own widget?
  • Deep Dive on stateful widgets?
  • What is the state in Flutter?
  • How to work with List?
  • How to navigate between activities?
  • How to handle user inputs?
  • How to restrict inputs?
  • What is a form?
  • Form Validation and saving
  • Deep Dive on UI Widgets
  • How is flutter useful for Android and iOS dev?
  • How is flutter useful for react naive dev?
  • Deep Dive on Gestures and Animations
  • What do you know about Box Constraints?
  • What do you know about assets and images?
  • Deep Dive on Internationalization
  • What do you know about accessibility?
  • How to use Tab Layouts?
  • Deep Dive on Fragments
  • Deep Dive on Data Modelling
  • How to handle permissions?
  • How to detect platforms and detect codes?
  • Do you know how to display real time map location?
  • How to get the real time location of a user?
  • How to use a device camera within an app?
  • How to use a device camera within an app?
  • How to crop image functionality?
  • How to use and develop packages?
  • What is JSON?
  • Deep Dive on JSON Parsing
  • What do you know about JSON encoding and decoding?
  • How to use Flutter IDE?
  • How to use hot reload?
  • Do you know how to test and debug your app?
  • Deep Dive on performance profiling
  • How to inspect your UI?
  • How to perform build and release for android/ios apps?
  • What do you know about continuous deployment with fastlane?
  • How to deploy on the app store?

As of October 2020, we are the single training institute in Jadavpur Kolkata which is providing this flutter training in Jadavpur Kolkata and as mentioned above we have been providing this course since 2018. So, we have professional and experienced flutter training in our institute.

After learning this course, you can build mobile apps for both iOS and Android using Flutter. Flutter is easy to learn and while working on the project it’s really developer-friendly as you can develop the Apps which has pixel perfect replications of iOS UI.

We teach how you can set up your Android and iOS environment on your machine. During our Flutter Course in Jadavpur Kolkata we teach you from ground to the advanced level.

Dart is the language which is used to develop Flutter mobile Apps. We start the course from Dart training which is included in this course so that you can have basic understanding of the code.

Flutter is an object oriented programming language developed by Google which is also easy to learn if you already know any object-oriented programing language.

The demand of Flutter is growing day-by-day as more and more companies are now using this platform to develop the mobile Apps. Alibaba and Google Ads are few of the important Apps developed using Flutter.

More and more companies associated with financial services, gaming, video streaming find more benefits in using the Flutter features. During the course we will teach you how to install Flutter SDK to learn this course or to build apps with Flutter.

Flutter has several advanced features but one of the most powerful one is Widget. This is the basic building block of user interface in a Flutter app. Apart from Android, you will also learn to develop iOS interfaces in our Flutter Training in Jadavpur Kolkata.

Flutter has rich library for UX or user experience. Flutter has library for design called Material. Using Dart language the widgets can be implemented in the material design.

Course Features

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