Mern Full Stack Development Course in Patuli


Course Introduction

MERN Stack(Mongo DB ExpressJsReactjs and Nodejs) is very popular programing technology for developing web apps as well as mobile Apps. It’s a career-oriented and high-paying job-oriented course which can be done by anyone who wants to build a solid career in IT sector.

Because of being very interactive, user-friendly and fast, the technology has become very popular in short span of time.

MERN stack is many times faster than the traditional programing languages like PHP, ASP.NET etc. Also it can handle millions of users concurrently without crashing the server. Reactjs is a Facebook product which works on virtual DOM concept which is very fast to execute and serve. Acesoftech Academy is the firstReactjs training centre in Patuli which has started this course in Patuli and several students has learnt since then and working in different companies. Our ReactJs based MER stack /Full stack course is designed by expert who have trained several students as well as have industry experience.

Apart from MERN stack , we also provide MEAN stack course. So, if you also want to learn that, you can know more about MEAN stack course in Patuli here. The MERN stack course is based on practical, real-life project based training. During the training, you will do at least 3 projects which will give you in-depth knowledge of subject as well as you will get confidence after doing these projects. We repeat, this is not a normal over-view based academic ReactJs training, but totally a practical and industry-oriented training where you will get hands-on experience after doing live projects.

To make the projects live, we provide free hostingalso so that you can play-around and learn how to build the projects as well as how to deploy those projects on server. This Reactjs training in Patuli is provided by our CEO Umar sir himself. Since it’s a new technology so it can be taught by only expert who has wide experience and have practical and industrial experience. He has been working as well as providing MEAN stack course also since 2016.

  • Anyone who has done graduation in any stream, particularly BCA, B.Tech.Bsc.IT.
  • Anyone who has done Masters, particularly MCA, M.TECH etc.
  • Any existing website developer having knowledge of PHP, ASP.NET, JAVA or any other such programing language.
  • Anyone who loves to be a modern web developer.
  • Anyone who is creative and wants to do the coding in different ways.
  • Anyone who wants to learn latest web technology and wants to upgrade himself/herself.
  • Any website designer who wants to upgrade himself/herself with latest technology.
  • Any Project manager who wants to handle MERN stack team.
  • And the list is more…
  • One should have basic knowledge of HTML CSS website design(Don’t know?, we will teach the basic here)
  • You should know and Bootstrap(Don’t know?, we will teach the basic here)
  • We don’t have long list of pre-requisites
    • Module 1 : ECMAScript 6
      • What is ES6?
      • Difference between ‘var’, ‘let’ and ‘const’
      • Reference and primitive types
      • Objects and Arrays
      • Arrow Functions
      • Modules, Import and export
      • classes, Interface methods and properties with babel
      • Optional parameters and rest parameters
    • Module 2 : ReactJs
      • ReactJs Introduction
        • What is RectJs
        • What are advantages of ReactJs
        • How Reactjs works
        • Difference between ReactJs and Angular
        • Understanding JSX
      • NodeJs
        • Basics of Node and Installation.
        • Introduction to Npm
        • Adding and removing modules
      • Rectjs Environment setup
        • Install ReactJs App
        • Run Reactjs App
      • Components
        • What is component?
        • How to create and new component and call into another components.
        • How apply JS/CSS and Images in Component.
        • Creating class-based components
        • Creating functional components
      • Component based Mini Project
        • Download any simple HTML/CSS template.
        • Set that template in React Project.
      • Props and Stats
        • Understanding Props and Stats
        • Working with props
        • What is Children property
      • Forms and Events
        • How to create forms in React
        • Applying events with forms
        • Forms Validation in ReactJs
      • Routes
        • How routes work in Reactjs
        • How to apply routes and switch
      • Project-1(Routes based)
        • Download a working HTML5/CSS/images based template
        • Create 5-6 components(Home,About,Servicesetc)
        • Create routes
        • Build a static 5-6 page based project with ReactJs with navigation
      • React CRUD Operation(With PHP/MySql in backend or any server side language you know)
        • Create form
        • Insert data from Reactjs
        • View Data from MySql
        • Edit data from Rectjs
        • Delete Data from ReactJs/MySql
      • Project-2 (Major Project) /e-commerce project
        • Admin
          • Login
          • Categories(Insert/update/delete)
          • Proeucts(Insert/Update/Delete)
        • Front
          • Home page
          • Category list
          • Featured Products
          • Single Product
          • Cart Page
          • Checkout Page
          • Payment Gateway(Paypal)
  • Module 3 : MongoDB
    • Install MongoDB
    • Installing Compass
    • Create Database
    • Create collection
    • Export Collection
    • Import Collection
    • Working on Cloud MngoDB
    • Create database and Collection on cloud
  • Module 4 : REDUX ReactJs
    • Understanding Redux
    • Working With RDUX and React
    • Setting Up Reducer and sore
    • Using ReduxDevTools
  • Module 5 : Nodejs / Express
    • How node Works
    • How Node is different from PHP/MySl. ASP.NET etc
    • Understanding Nodes Request Responses
    • ExpressJs setup
    • Create Model
    • Creating NodeJs Server
    • Install NodeMon
    • Create Routes
    • Connecting MongoDb with Node/Express
  • Module 6 : Major Project-3(Same E-Commerce project but this time with Reactjs.MongoDB ,ExpressJs and Nodejs)
    • Admin
      • Login
      • Categories(Insert/update/delete)
      • Proeucts(Insert/Update/Delete)
    • Front
      • Home page
      • Category list
      • Featured Products
      • Single Product
      • Cart Page
      • Checkout Page
      • Payment Gateway(Paypal)
  • Module 7 : Debugging
  • Course Duration: 4 Months
  • Class: 3 Days In A Week
  • Mode Of Training:




  • Acesoftech Academy is a brand in the software training field. Aceoftech Academy has local students, national as well as international students.
  • Aceso
  • Our MERN stack training is based on real-life projects and not the tutorial like.
  • Most important! The MERN stack training is provided by Umar Sir. (Who is Umar Sir?)
  • We have flexible timing and batches.
  • Even we teach one-two-one if required.
  • We provide hosting also for live projects so that you will know how to deploy the projects

The training will be provided by Umar Sir, Umar Sir have 19 years of IT experience. He teaches MEAN stack, MERN stack, Digital Marketing and many more subjects. See his complete profile.

    a. What is MERN Stack?


MERN stack is an Acronym of MongoDB, ExpressJs, Reacjs and Nodejs
It’s a technology through which fast and interactive websites can be developed.
Reactjs uses a special kind of JavaScript plus HTML mixed called JSX using which one can develop applications
Also MERN stack uses Virtual technology which makes the application many times faster to execute and update. Reactjs is developed by Facebook.


    b. Why MERN Stack?


MERN Stack is fresh and hot in IT market. Its high-paying-job based technology so anyone who learns and works on this technology, have higher chance of getting job as well as with higher pay scale


    c. I am a fresher can I join this course?


Yes, you can learn this. If you are serious about your career and want to learn new technology and build career, this is a good choice for you.


    d. I have done Graduation in other than Science can I do this?


It does not matter whether you are a computer science graduate or you have done graduation from any other stream. The only condition is that you should be serious about your career and you love coding.


    e. What are career prospects after learning this course?


MERN stack is a new technology but it’s backed by big internet giants. RectJs is developed and maintained by Facebook which is a very popular social media in the world. Nodejs is also very popular programing JavaScript engine which is backed by Google and other top companies also. If anyone learns MERN stack, it’s sure that it’s going to stay.


    f. Can I join this course in the weekend?


Yes this MERN stack course can be joined in the week-end also. We are 7 days open. So, if you are working professional, and don’t get time in the week-days, don’t worry, you can join this course in the week-end also.


    g. Will I get flexible timing for MERN stack?


Yes, we mostly provide one-to-one MERN stack training, so you can join this course any time. You don’t have to wait for the batches. You will get flexible date and flexible time also.


    h. I am a PHP Developer will this course be beneficial for me?


Yes, if you are a PHP developer then this course will be a kind of add-on in your existing knowledge. You can create REST API yourself as well as you can implement that in your project. So, learning this technology does not mean that you will lose PHP knowledge.
You can use PHP as backend and Reactjs as front-end programing language.


    i. Is building career in MERN stack a good choice?


Yes, MERN stack is a very popular programing technology. Also, its new technology so it’s high-paying also. Apart from that this technology is backed by internet giants like Google, Facebook etc. So, this technology is not going to die-down in near future.


    j. I am a JAVA developer will this be beneficial for me?


Yes, you can use JAVA as backend and you can use MERN stack, particularly REACTJs as front-end. So, you will be a full-stack developer.


    k. I am ASP.NET developer, can I do this course?


Yes, you can use ASP.NET for creating API and then same API you can call in your other application using reactjs. So, this will be a kind of add-on in your existing skill.


    l. My question is not listed. How can I get answer?


If you question is not listed in this FAQ, don’t worry you can call us or send enquiry through email/whatsApp without hastiation.

  • Course Duration: 4 Months
  • Class: 3 Days In A Week
  • Mode Of Training:




Course Features

  • Course Duration: Months
  • Class:
  • Fees: Rs-
  • Mode Of Training:





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