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Freelance, Bidding & Project Management Job

Whether there is any individual or company one needs work constantly to keep the company running. And in today’s day, getting work from freelancer job market is one of the most powerful medium. There are several benefits for learning this course but there are main two points which I am highlighting here

You Can Start Your Own Company or You Can Work From Home

Though this is a short duration course but it provides you good opportunity to know how to get work from freelance market. After learning this course you can either start your own company or you can work directly from home. Whether you are a designer, developer, SEO or content writer, you can get all kind of work from freelancer market.

You Can Work As Bidding And Freelance Manager

Now-a-days in almost every small or medium sized web development companies there is need of freelancer bidding skilled person. So, after learning this course you can get a good job of project bidding and project managing


  • How to create account?
  • Dashboard and User settings
  • Portfolio building
  • Category selection
  • How to make profile 100% complete?
  • How to make bidding?
  • How to manage Escrow and how that works?
  • How to avoid fraud clients?
  • How to maintain completion rate?
  • How to get money into your bank?
  • How to bid to fetch best price?
  • How to get 5 Star review?
  • How to avoid the things to prevent your account to block?
  • Exam and badges
  • Create Upwork Account
  • Understanding difference between Upwork and freelancer.
  • How to get your account approved by UpWork?
  • Account Settings
  • Pass Basic Exams
  • How to write best proposal letter?
  • How to convince you are the best who can do this task?
  • How to manage hourly work?
  • How to verify your account?
  • How to get rating and reviews?
  • Create Guru Account
  • Build portfolio
  • Account settings
  • How to avoid online Frauds?
  • Understanding Escrow and how that works
  • How to make bidding?
  • Things you should remember before bidding
  • Exam passing
  • Learn More about Guru
  • Create account in
  • Account settings
  • Understanding Difference between and Other freelance websites
  • Create simple Gigs
  • How to improve your gigs?
  • How to choose best Gigs?
  • How to avoid things so that your account is not blocked?
  • How to withdraw money into your account?
  • Learn More about Fiverr
  • Please note that the above points are general overview of the course, you will be taught several tips and tricks which are normally unknown to new freelancer. That will be very helpful to beat your competitors.

  • Course Duration: 1 Months
  • Class: 2 Days In A Week
  • Mode Of Training: 1. Classroom 2. Online 3. WeekEnd

So far we have taught several students and it’s not possible to remember each and every student's details, but here we are providing our few previous successful student’s details. Please note, because of security reasons(requested by few students), we may have hidden names of few students profile.

This freelancer training is provided by our Acesoftech Academy CEO Mr. Umar Rahman. He had started freelance work from (Taken over by from 2006. He started to work on from 2008 (That time, name was He has experience of working on, (Now taken over by upwork), Elance(Now upwork) and as well.

Apart from that, he has also experience of working on and he has worked for long on that also. He has taught more than 400 students on this subject only. Students are working in different part of the country. He will provide you training based on his previous years gathered knowledge and make you a successful online bidder.

You can check his own freelancer profile here. Click Here to view. As you can see, he has started on from 2008.

  • 1. Is this course available in the week-end?
    • Ans: Yes, we are 7 days open. You can join this course on Weekend also.
  • 2. I want to do fast track course, can I complete it faster doing daily classes?
    • Ans: Yes, it's possible, You can take daily classes to complete it faster.
  • 3. What about the fees, do I have to pay one-time or in installment?
    • Ans: There is no installment facility in this, you have to make one-time payment. At the time of admission.
  • 4. Will I get assistance once my course is complete?
    • Ans: Yes, we also provide assistance once your course is complete.
  • 5. How much can I earn after doing this course?
    • Ans: It depends upon your skill you know. How much experience you have in the field. But it's not hard to earn 15000-25000(we are not showing you high-fly income) per month once you are an established freelancer.
  • 6. There are heavy competition among freelancer, Can I stand as a new freelancer?
    • Ans: In spite of heavy competition, it's possible to earn from freelancer sites. Please check our examples and you will get an Idea.
  • 7. My English communication is weak. Can I do this course?
    • Ans: You do not need to talk to clients over microphone. Normally freelancers communicate with clients through chat or email.
  • 8. Will I get help in getting good reviews and rating?
    • Ans: Yes, we help in getting 2-3 best rating and reviews.
  • 9. Will I get help in passing examination?
    • Ans: Yes, you will be helped in passing general examinations.

Course Features

  • Course Duration: Months
  • Class:
  • Fees: Rs-
  • Mode Of Training:





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