Why should we learn PHP in 2021?


Why should we learn PHP in 2021?

Introduction– The advent of internet has created vital opportunities for all and there is no doubt that scores of websites are made everyday for running successful business and software companies. But do you know what a website is built upon? Well, a typical website in built on programming language and according to recent stats PHP or Hypertext Pre-processor accounts for almost 79% websites. So, still you a doubt about the ability of PHP given the fact that other programming languages such as Javascript, React.js and Angular have thronged the online communities.

So legitimately should you learn PHP in 2021? Now let us dig deeper and seek the reality why it should be learnt despite the odds against it?


  1. Php still reigns-

PHP is an open-source general purpose programming language which presents the script to server side in PHP code and the response is reflected in HTML by web browser.


PHP was known for its easy deployment and even novice programmers could use it easily with task at hand and complete the development to release cycle much faster. But till date, these qualities have been the strongest points of server sided scripting language.

However, with the release of latest version of PHP 8.0 it has scaled to new levels than its predecessor 7.4, it has several unique features such as JIT (Just in time) compiler which helps in line-by-line interpretation of code much faster and it has upscaled the work by almost 45% percent.

Various Frameworks such as Symfony, Laravel and code igniter which has numerous features such as admin panels CRM, payment integrations and web socket servers which provide richer functionality to PHP which in turn has improved the progress of web manifold and make the websites load faster resulting in more engagement of audience.


  1. Scope of improvement-


With time every programming languages undergo challenges, but with PHP it is considered seriously and it updates and improves rapidly to retain its demand in the ever growing market. Some of them includes redirection and gathering of data and integration with mobiles.

What’s more? Due to its high adaptability and easy syntax, it is o handle diverse tasks and remain friendly for users simultaneously.

Although it is not quite advantageous for complex research systems, it can undoubtedly be used for all commercial projects through the view point of marketing. It can be teamed up with JavaScript and can accomplish the given task at hand.

  1. Rapid speed –

PHP stands unique among all the programming languages till date as it takes less time to complete the project and of course the market time is reduced. This literally means that when PHP is used to define the MVP(Minimum viable product) of a service, it is much easier to reach its target audience and get the feedback of the consumers.

When integrated with other programming languages, PHP can be extraordinary in taking the development of project to the next level.

Content Management systems (CMS) such as Drupal, Joomla, Magneto and WordPress is built using PHP and it accounts for the beauty of PHP and these websites forms the base of  top tech companies such as Tumblr, Yahoo, Facebook and Wikipedia.

  1. Less expensive

PHP developers are easy to hire and they are almost 15% less expensive than Python or Ruby developers. The main added advantage is that it has multiple database options to choose such as MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres, Oracle DB, Ingres etc. which allows easier handling of data and its processing.


  1. Relevancy-

There is a saying which goes like that” Old wine gets better with age”. The same holds true for PHP and it is a classic language which holds robust community, efficient libraries and detailed documentation.



Therefore, it concludes that PHP shines all through in 2021 as it is behind the built of beautiful landing pages to simple website as WordPress and even complex websites as Joomla and its high speed with multiple integration opportunities makes it mandatory to learn it with full enthusiasm.


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