Why designer should learn Vue js


Why designer should learn Vue js

You have been working as a  website designer for a few years now. You started to design websites  when HTML and CSS were most important tool. Later Jquery was introduced  to make website interactive and user-friendly. Jquery, which came into being in  2006, was one of the most successful library of Javascript.


And the above mentioned toolset were enough to design any website.


The years passed till 2010 when various new Javascript framework started to spread it roots. And initially you did not care much about these frameworks, but ultimately you started to feel left behind and started to realize that  you cannot proceed ahead without these new frameworks.


And these frameworks are Angular, React Js and Vu js. Though there are many other but these are important because these are  popular front-end JavaScript Framework/Library.


As you might have felt in your company where you might be  working, a designer is now called “UI Web Developer”.And now only those are called designer who does graphic related work and not the coding.

What’s Changed?

One thing that  you might have noticed is there is no great change in HTML and CSS over the years. What you knew five years back is still over all applicable today.

Though the version of CSS  and HTML has been changing time-to-time, but not as fast  that you cannot grasp. I Know HTML5 is not same as its predecessor version but it’s not that hard to grasp if you spend some time.


But, on the other hand,  if we look back Javascript 10 years  before and compare today’s javascript, there is great change in it.


10 years  back Nodejs and AngularJs were nowhere in the scene. There was no concept of JavaScript using as backend. But, now all these are possible through javascript frameworks and libraries.


In this series of webinar, I’m going to introduce you to Vue JS, a modern component-based JavaScript framework.

So what is Vue js ?


is one of those popular new software technologies  which are being used all over the world for web development.

Vue.js is actually a JavaScript framework with various optional tools for building user interfaces.

Brief History

Vue js was developed by Evan You a former Angular developer. And that is why Vue Js is very similar to Angular 1.x.  He was aware of weak points of Angular and he thought to develop an alternative, while keeping all its advantages. The new framework shortly became very popular in his native country China. And later it  spreaded all over the world.

Why is Vue so popular?

It’s simple to learn

Integrating Vue to any web project which is already running  is relatively easy. You can start to work on this without having prior knowledge about Javascript framework. One important thing about this is that you don’t have to know anything about JSX, ES2015 or build platform to get started. If you know  HTML and JavaScript, you can learn this course or take help of their guide and build something basic within a day, which is a big advantage in a fast-paced development team where you may have to learn something fast.


With Vue Js, you can  develop an app faster as compared to its counterpart like Angular or React js. Yes, if you want to build complex application using ES6, JSX, components, routing, bundling etc if you want to, those all are possible using Vue Js.


Also, it has flexibility of handling the same thing in  many different ways which is helpful for developer. It is also flexible enough that it adjust for different style of writing your code, for instance, either  you can write a template in HTML or in Javascript, or you can use JSX.


It provides the freedom to mould your application in a way that suits you, there is no ‘right’ way.

Comprehensive documentation

As compared to  React js, Vue’s documentation is very detailed, easy to comprehend with examples wherever needed.  Apart from that, its community is fast growing throughout the world.


It’s community  is ready to help each other  if anyone has Vue js related problem.

Can be used for simple and complex applications

You learnt that Vue js is simple and you can start coding just learning the basic. But that does not mean that its weak and only the smaller application can be developed. If you want to develop larger and complex applications you can use for state management and routing.


The major  difference between using Vuex and using Redux/Flux with React for example, is that Vue’s companion libraries are officially supported and kept up to date with the core library. On the other hand  Redux and Flux are part of React community and its not part of official React Js.

Transition effects

Transition and transformation effects can be also added using Vue js.And in this process,

it adds and removes classes on components/elements. There are built-in 6 different classes which one can use and make the front-end development interactive.


Arrival of Vue Native :

You may have heard about React native. Using React native, one can develop  mobile Apps. Vue is also not lagging behind. Vue 2.0 is proceeding ahead with native also. Vue team are working with Alibaba to create Weex, which will allow native rendering comparable to React Native.


Vue 2.0 is primarily focused on web dev now, but was written to support other platforms moving forward. According to Evan’s latest Vue blog post, 2017’s going to be a big year for Weex.


Below is the summary  why one should learn Vue.js:

  • It is a stable progressive framework
  • Very easy to learn and implement
  • It’s not complex yet  its flexible
  • Uses MVVM architecture
  • Large documentation available
  • Main focus is on  project architecture
  • Vue is applicable for  simple as well as complex applications
  • State management in view  is simple and intuitive.
  • Provides a number of ways to use transition effects
  • It is a lightweight framework in comparison to React or Angular (around 20-30kb in size)