Why Choosing Java Over Other Useful Languages?


Why Choosing Java Over Other Useful Languages?

Well, to start with I would agree that all the programming languages have been developed and formulated to serve a particular purpose or to solve some genuine issues that other programming languages do not do. Still, some of them have become more famous and popular than the others due to their more usability, user-friendliness, portability, reliability, potentiality and versatility. Java is one of those rarest programming languages. Most of the programmers worldwide consider using Java than the other robust ones. Java is an object-oriented programming language that has been providing the greatest features and facilities to the programmers as well as to the users since it’s birth. Currently, Java is the most famous and most popular language across the globe and most of the programmers prefer to code in Java due to its high readability and ease of accessibility. Let’s discuss some elegant features offered by Java. Shall we? Yes, I hope you will be eager to know. So, let’s start. Here is the list goes—-

1  It’s Open Source and Too Easy to Learn Java and Implement

Java is a platform independent, portable, open-source object-oriented programming language which can be used by anyone in the world irrespective of any special authorization or eligibility criteria. You don’t need to pay anybody when you wanna code in Java or there are no other copyright issues. You just need a Java editor to write the code and need to install the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to your system and start coding. All are available absolutely free of cost.

Some of the exceptional features provided by Java are–


Data Concurrency– Where you can access and process multiple data chunks simultaneously.


Platform Independency– Java is platform independent. Once you write the piece of code, it can be run in any operating system such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS or Android etc. You just need to install the JVM and run the code. It will work the same and will provide the same output across all the platforms.


Open Source– Java is available for free to everyone and it does not require any special permission to use Java or write code in Java.


Java is robust and interpreted line by line. So, in case of any error, while writing the code, the programmer will get notified immediately and respond quickly to solve the issue. Java provides authenticity in the coed as the code will be encrypted over the FTP and will be decrypted at the JVM, thus providing high security to your code. Java supports a huge variety of applications and you can develop and design a variety of products using this robust language. Such as web designing and development, making web applications, desktop GUIs, Web Servers and Application Servers, Embedded Systems, Mobile Applications, Enterprise Applications, Scientific Applications and many more.

2. Highly Advanced Supportive Tools

There are several Java Development tools available that provide effective Java programming support and one can develop highly advanced applications using these latest tools. Some of the popular tools are  Netbeans, IntelliJ, Eclipse and Android Studio.

3.   Java Supports OOPS Concepts

Java is a high-level object-oriented programming language that supports all the properties of OOPS. Such as


Classes, Objects, Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism


As the language supports the concept of object and classes and their behavior one can easily relate to the real world entities while writing a Java code. Also, the newcomers and the learners feel easy to learn the language as they can relate to the real world scenarios. The use cases and examples make it easier to understand the language and use the concepts in developing various applications. Thus, Java is considered to be a user friendly programming language.

4   Java Supports Portability and Versatility

A Java code supports multiple platforms and can run on any operating system. Just you need to make sure that the Java Development Kit (JDK) or the developer tool is installed in the system where you want to run the code. It supports various platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac Os or Android etc.


As Java supports the objects and classes, one can create multiple objects and classes to perform various tasks. Each class will perform a separate operation. Thus you can make highly advanced applications using Java.

5    Reusability of Code

The inheritance concept supports the reusability of the code. If you have created one class which is child class of its parent class, you no need to mention the properties again for the child class, whereas it will automatically inherit the properties of the Parent class. Thus, saving a lot of time and energy of writing the code again for the child class. You can also call a particular function any time you want to perform some specific task instead of writing the function code once again. This reusability property saves a lot of time in coding. So, you can develop powerful platform-independent applications very quickly.

6. Career Aspects of a Java Programmer

As it is already discussed in the previous points that Java is the most popular and most desirable programming language in today’s world it is depicted that Java is preferred by most of the companies and the programmers worldwide. As the language has never-ending possibilities of developing high-quality applications for a variety of industries, there is a huge scope for a Java developer to find a lucrative job with a high salary anywhere in the world. According to the surveys, Java has the ultimate potential to remain as the world’s #1 programming language in the coming years. So, if you are planning to start with a programming language which is easy to learn, robust in nature, highly reliable and fetch you the dream job you always have been looking for then Java undoubtedly will be the best for you.


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