What is Graphic Design? Features and Tools of Graphic Design


What is Graphic Design? Features and Tools of Graphic Design


What is the first thing that come to our mind, when we hear the word “graphic design”? The interesting and mind blowing website design, magazines posters, mobile apps, etc. Yes, these all are part of graphic designs but the list is not so small. Graphic design is a very massive subject because of its special features and creativity level.


Let’s go through it to know what graphic design all about is:

What is Graphic Design?

The art of creating visual communication through designs. The graphic design comprises of imaginative and logical plan to achieve certain goals. It is an art with an objective. The design must be logical and innovative. It is pictorial interaction and expression of concepts using various graphics features and tools.


Features of Graphic Design

Graphic design can use picture-based designs which include artwork, logos, types based or a combination of both the techniques.


These designs can include various combinations of the following features:

Lines: In a layout, lines allow the designers to distribute a space or separate content. Lines can be used for various purposes. For example, it can be used to create patterns, connecting subject and many more. When it comes to lines, the options are unlimited.  Lines can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal, circular, patterned, free form or solid.


Colour: Colour is an important feature in any design because it can influence a design. For a designer, complete knowledge of color theory is important. It is used to create visual interest, define importance, merge branding and create emotions.


Shape:  There are three basic types of shapes. Geometric shapes include circles, squares, triangles, etc. Leaves, trees, people, etc. are included in natural shapes. Abstract shapes are icons, graphic representations, etc. To create an attractive design and attention-grabbing design, all these features must be used properly.


Texture: Depth and visual interest can be added in graphic design using texture. The visual appearance can be enhanced by selecting appropriate paper and material.


Type: Different types of fonts, combined arrangements, spacing can add power to the design. The designers must have the ability to transform a simple message from a simple text to a masterpiece


Size: It is used to express importance, attract attention and create a difference. The functionality of a graphic design depends on size because a larger size will get more attention. To guide the viewer’s eye through the layout, use variations in size


Tools of Graphic Design

Now we know about what graphic design is and what its features are. In Graphic Design, the designers need certain tools to create a design or an illustration. The professional has a creative mind. They are many tools which are used in graphic design to combine art to communicate a message by creating extraordinary visual.


Sketchpad: It is the most used and traditional tool for a designer to sketch out the ideas. It is the fastest way of drawing rough designs. Later on, the designers used to develop their design through other methods and technologies.


Computers: In every designer’s tool the computer has become an important tool. The computer allows the designer to create a design Hardware such as tablets allow the graphic designers to maintain the feel of the sketchpad.


Software: The latest software has given a new life in the field of graphic design. It helps to create an exceptional design layout. The specialized software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Corel Draw, GIMP and many more.


There is a huge demand for graphic design because every company wants their promotion to be attractive and innovative. In graphic designing, messages can be communicated through illustrations. Business logos, posters, magazines can get an innovative and outstanding design.


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