Most of the enterprises or small-scale companies rely on websites to engage customers and perform their business operations. So, the technical content of the websites needs to be revamped from time to time so that customers can interact virtually for their needs and requirements and they can have enthralling experience with the company. So, it is important that one should get the websites redo from experienced web development companies that can build SEO websites that are user friendly and compatible.
Web development company in Kolkata have an extensive reputation for creating responsive websites which have faster loading rates and occupy space in top search engines result pages (SERP).

Suhana Softech follows a unique web development Agile methodology which helps in the fulfilment of business goals with the needs of customer. Our methodology includes

1. Planning of websites- It involves formulating unique strategy which boosts your brand image so that the targeted customers can validate your product or offerings.

2. Content of website- A content is apiece of writing that engages the customer time and attention and our job is to deliver appropriate content tailored to the needs of customer so that they don’t visit elsewhere.

3. Designing of website-The designers ensure mobile friendly websites that are visually appealing to customers and help in keeping the target audience engaged.

4. Construction and testing of websites- The construction of websites involve converting the design and content into code by conforming to certain guidelines which includes analytics,sitemap title creation and search engine submission which is followed by testing of websites in real time operational marketing.

5. Review and Maintenance- After the launch of websites, further diagnosis takes place whether it is meeting the standard goals and if not then correct action is taken and it is a continuous improvisation as per the requirements of customer.

Services offered

1. Website development- In this information age, the website is absolutely crucial to attract potential customers for your business. We being the best website development company in Kolkata has dedicated tram of web designers brings innovative solutions to help create attractive website.

2. Distinct image- With the help of talented developers, we assure that you get good number of visitors to your website. This becomes possible when you make an effort to connect with our panel of experts for your web developments services. By creating a high-quality image of your brand, we also offer round the clock services where it would certainly exceed your level of expectation in the best possible way.

3. Content Management System- We at Suhana Softech makes sure that your business gets the perfect computer software for creation and modification of the digital content. Boosting your business would absolutely be possible from our team where you can find vital services for your website requirement on various platforms such as-

• WordPress-From building a business website to an e-commerce site WordPress has proved themselves as a strong player during the current time. Suhana Softech as a WordPress developer in Kolkata has gained repute by delivering many projects on the above technology.

• Magnet-Magento due to its robustness and constancy as an e-commerce platform has gained prominence over the last few years. Suhana Softech have developed number of Magento based system, be it in enterprise or community edition.

• Joomla- As a Joomla developer we now have successfully implemented many websites on the said CMS.

4.Use of languages-We at Suhana Softech ensures the right digital content through the use of scripted languages such as PHP, Java Script, SQL, Python and many others.

How Suhana Softech works with the clients?

• Run through the entire project with the clients based on their queries.
• Follow up through the goals and objectives of client’s business.
• Understand the competitive market
• Understand the target consumers and their dynamics in market.
• Clarifying all the doubts which team has, post initial analysis.
• Documenting client’s design and branding preference.
• Coming up with epic plan and its execution.

. So stay ahead in the competitive market with the services of Suhana Softech,one of the best web development agency in Kolkata where proven startegies are deployed to meet your criteria so why wait? Contact today!