Top 9 WordPress SEO Plugin in 2019


Top 9 WordPress SEO Plugin in 2019

For the company’s growth, SEO plays an important role. SEO helps in getting a higher rank in the search engine, more visitors for the sites and it also improves the website SEO. It also helps in increasing the company’s popularity not only nationally but internationally as well.

Today in this article, we will list down the best WordPress SEO plugins which will help the website or blog to get more traffic from the search engine like Google.

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The process of optimizing the site is easier in WordPress and it is considered as the SEO friendly content management system.

The best WordPress SEO plugins are as follows:

i) Yoast SEO:

Yoast SEO plugin

Yoast SEO plug-in is known as the best WordPress plugins to improve SEO. It can easily optimize the site for the search engines. It has a free and paid version also. We can easily install and activate it from the WordPress plug-in page. 


Some of the toolsets of the Yoast SEO plug-in are as follows:

a) Meta description to the homepage can be added.

b) The meta description can be added to a single post or page.

c) Robots.txt and .htaccess file can be edited.

d) The sitemap for the site can be created.

e) The meta description can be added for social sharing.

f) Canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content can be set and don’t need to worry about Google penalties again.

ii) All in One SEO pack:

all in one seo pack

All in One SEO pack was created by Michael Torbert in 2007. It is used to optimize the WordPress site. It works out of the box and has simple features for beginners and advanced features. For developers it has API.


Some of its features are as follows:


a) XML Sitemap support

b) Image XML Sitemap

c) Support for SEO on Custom Post Types

d) Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is supported.

e) Google Analytics is supported.

f) markup

g) It is compatible with other plugins.

h) It can be translated into 57 languages.

i) It is 100% compatible with PHP 7.


iii) SEOPressor:


SEOPressor covers all the SEO problems of the site. It is a premium plugin of WordPress SEO. It allows optimizing the 3 keywords. For beginners, it helps that the content is keyword rich and keywords placed at the right place and right frequency. It also has ‘over-optimization’ warning tool which helps us to know that we are not violating the Google Webmaster Guidelines.


Some SEOPressor features are as follows:


a) On-Page Analysis 

b) Accessible SEO Intelligence

c) Comprehensive Semantic Builder

d) Dynamic Crawler Control

e) Smart Link Manager 

f) Schema and Dublin Core

g) Google Knowledge Graph

h) SEOPressor Score Manager


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iv) WP Meta SEO:


WP Meta SEO was created by JoomUnited. It has many effective features to make the content SEO friendly. What is optimized for the site is provided by WP Meta SEO’s dashboard SEO overview.


Features of WP Meta SEO are:

a) Edit all website meta on a single view in bulk.

b) With live SEO analysis, edit meta in content.

c) In content, fix HTML image resizing.

d) Edit image file name and meta in bulk.

e) Internal broken link checker and 404 errors redirect.

f) Breadcrumbs generator.

g) Gutenberg SEO content checker.

v) Premium SEO pack:

Premium SEO pack

The sites for SEO can be optimized in minutes using Premium SEO pack. It also helps in improving the website loading speed because it has compressed CSS and JavaScript feature. This WordPress plugin is not free and charges $44 for its services.

Features of Premium SEO pack are:

a) Google Analytics.

b) SERP tracking.

c) Minify CSS and JavaScript.

d) Local SEO.

e) Page Speed Insights.

f) W3C Validator.

g) Sitemaps.

h) Tiny Compress.

i) Social Stats Module.

j) Alexa Rank Module.

vi) Squirrly SEO: 

Squirrly SEO

Squirrly SEO is the only plug-in and SEO software skilled for adapting of the specifics of each page and the context it has inside the website. After the complex analysis made on various levels, it provides an answer. For non-experts, it also assures that the content is well optimized for both search engines and readers. It helps to improve Google ranking by letting you write SEO friendly and human-friendly content. Neil Patel, the co-founder of Kissmetrics and Crazy Egg has recommended these WordPress plugins. More than 100 experts of content marketing have also recommended it.

It helps to create and focus on wonderful SEO strategies which are as follows:

a) Focus Pages.

b) 14 Days Journey to better ranking.

c) SERP checker.

d) Bulk SEO settings.

e) Automation.

vii) Praison SEO: 

Praison SEO plugin

Praison SEO plugin is developed by Mervin Praison which has many features and makes it a powerful plug-in. It is very simple to set up this plug-in and ideal for beginner and advanced users.

Features of Praison SEO are as follows:

a) Meta Description Optimization.

b) Title Optimization

c) Canonical URL

d) Google Authorship Integration

e) Google Analytics Integration

f) XML Sitemap

g) Google Webmaster Tools Verification

h) Breadcrumbs

i) No, Follow, No Index Settings

viii) SmartCrawl:

SmartCrawl SEO plugin

SmartCrawl is another premium SEO optimization of WordPress plugin which has been developed by WPMUDEV. It helps in boosting the traffic and Page Rank.

Some SEO tools for SmartCrawl are as follows:

a) One-Click Setup Wizard.

b) Leverage Social Media.

c) Titles & Meta Descriptions.

d) Smart Page Analyzer.

e) 301 Redirect.

f) Integrate With Moz SEO Tools.

g) SEO Audit & Crawl.

h) Quick Setup Import/Export.

ix) Rank Math: 

Rank Math SEO plugin

For the WordPress user, the new SEO plug-in is Rank Math which is developed by MyThemeShop. It can be downloaded free and gives many SEO features which will optimize the website content. It is ideal for bloggers, local businesses, start-ups, real state, E-commerce store owners, artist and photographers, etc.

Some Rank Math features are as follows: 

a) Setup Wizard which is easy to follow.

b) Optimize Upto 5 Keywords.

c) Google Schema Markup aka Rich Snippets Integrated.

d) Optimal Settings Pre-Selected.

e) LSI Keyword Tool Integrated.

f) Advanced SEO Analysis Tool.

g) Local Business SEO.

h) Deep Content Analysis Tests.

i) SEO Optimized Breadcrumbs.

j) 40 Detailed SEO Tests.


Here we have seen the top 9 WordPress SEO plugin which helps in optimizing the sites so that we get high traffic and a huge number of viewers. Every WordPress is easy to use but Yoast and All in One SEO pack are most popular among other plugins. To be the top results in the search engine first page, all these WordPress plugins help the site to achieve it without much effort.

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