Top 10 Ways to Increase YouTube Ranking


Top 10 Ways to Increase YouTube Ranking

Top 10 Ways to Increase YouTube Ranking

YouTube can be considered as a Wikipedia for information in a video format. It is very much popular all around the world and it is a great platform for video whether it is tutorial, entertainment, news, education, etc. YouTube holds the second position as a search engine after Google. Everyone has started participating in YouTube videos so that they showcase their knowledge and earn through it. It is one of the most common ways to earn money. But, earning money is not that simple, because there are some reasons which need to be followed to get paid by YouTube.


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As per one of the reports on February 2017, more than 400 hours of content uploaded on YouTube every minute and every day one billion hours of content is being watched on YouTube.

According to the Alexa Internet report, it stated that YouTube is ranked as the second-most popular site in the world.

As per May 2019 reports, every minute more than 500 hours of video content are uploaded on YouTube.


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In this article, we will discuss the 10 common factors which will help to increase YouTube ranking.


1) Channel Keywords: 

The most important point is to create a channel and the name of the channel must be related to the keywords. The keyword must be related to the subject or video content. Generally, channel keywords are one or two-word description of the channel which gives the users a precise idea about the content. Google Keyword Planner and Rank tracker can help to find related keywords.


2) Video Title:

The second point to be kept in mind is that the title for videos must be meaningful because in YouTube on-page SEO is also important for YouTube. If the title of the video is related and has the keyword then, video rank might increase. The video title can be short but it should be meaningful so that if a person searches for something then the video should pop up at the top. The algorithm of YouTube gives a lot of importance on metadata, it is recommended to have a well-titled video so that more viewers are increased and the channel traffic also. Therefore, it is better to give shorter titles and keywords must be placed at the start of the title.


3) Video Description:

Like video title, the description of the video must be precise and clear. Google and YouTube can’t read videos, hence video description is required so that YouTube can read about the video. The description for video must be for at least 250 words and keywords should be included. To increase the video ranking, it is recommended to place the keywords in the first 25 words of the description.


4) Video Tags:

Tags are not that important like video title or description but still, it is an important factor. It is a short phrase which is added to the video which gives further insight to YouTube about the video. It helps the users to find the videos and generally, tags are keywords. Tags keywords must be well researched so that it helps the users to see the video they are searching for.


5) Video Quality:

The quality of the video must be high because YouTube significantly highlights high-definition videos in the search results even if the content of the video is best. HD videos are considered as one of the important reason to increase the rank. YouTube crawlers go through video title, description and video quality for searching and its result. Therefore, it is important to have HD quality videos.


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6) Watch Time:

Watch time is an important factor to increase the search rank. Nowadays, YouTube has started assessing the watch time of videos. If the watch time of the video is high then it will automatically top the search results. The best and worst view times can be seen using YouTube Analytics Views Report and the Audience Retention Report. This will give us an idea about the videos popularity and future content can be planned. The length of the video should be according to the content and other videos links must be given in the description box.


7) User – Experience Metrics:

A lot of focus is placed on user engagement which means how the users or viewers interact with the video. To analyze user experience metrics, YouTube doesn’t use backlinks, however, subscribes after watching, comments, likes and dislikes or shares are used to find out the content quality. If the viewers engage with the video like they watch the full video and if they don’t watch the full video then it is assumed that the video is not that interesting.

Therefore, the video must be interesting and more viewers must subscribe, like, comment and share the video so that its rank is increased.


8) View Count:

Like watch time and user experience, the view count is an essential factor which increases the video rank on YouTube. If the view count is high in number then its rank will be on the top of the search results. Views count can be increased by posting the videos links on the blog post and sharing them on social media. 


9) Thumbnails:

Thumbnails of the video are equally important in search rank. It has a huge effect on on-click-through rates, thumbnails must be creative and customized for every video. It must attract the viewers and it must be relevant to videos as well. It is recommended to have a thumbnail with 1280 x 720-pixel resolution and the ratio must be 16:9.


10) Closed Subtitles and Captions:

If the video has additional subtitles and caption then it will beneficial for getting a good ranking in the search results. Videos should have more than one language as their captions and subtitles.



These were the top 10 common and important ways to increase the rank in the YouTube search result. It is a tough competition to rank because every minute videos are uploaded. Therefore, all the above-mentioned points must be considered to increase the rank on YouTube. This techniques are taught by the best digital marketing training institute in Kolkata.