Top 10 Reasons Why is not Your Website Ranked in Google Search


Top 10 Reasons Why is not Your Website Ranked in Google Search

Top 10 Reasons Why is not Your Website Ranked in Google Search

Worried or disappointed that the website is not ranked in Google Search? This is indeed a matter of concern and everyone wants their website to be the first page on the search engine. There might be several reasons that the website is not ranked in the Google search.

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In this article, we will try to mention the top 10 reasons as to why the website is not ranked. We can fix this problem by following some of the methods which are as follows:


1) Site index:

The first thing we need to check is the indexing of the site. We should know whether the site is indexed correctly or not in Google. Sometimes the website takes time to index in the Google search. It might happen because of two reasons. First, the website is new and second is that the website does not have any inbound links. To index any site, crawler uses inbound links. The sitemap has the URLs of the website and it helps search engine to crawl the website. It only helps in indexing and to crawl fast but does not increase the search ranking.

2) Use of competitive keywords:

To perform better in search results, it is suggested to use a long tail keyword which has four to five phrase words which have low competition and searches are high. Using a short phrase or single word keyword to optimize the website won’t be so effective. With the help of keyword planner, a keyword can be used which has low competition.

3) No Index tag:

If the “no index” tag is used in the search engine, then it prevents the site from indexing.

To prevent the site from indexing, they should remove “no index” tag. In WordPress, if Yoast is being used and it is not configured properly, then the site won’t get indexed.

4) Check manual actions for the website:

The manual action is also affected by the visibility of the site. If the website is involved in illegal, fraudulent activities or spamming then Google stops showing this site in the search result.

For checking the problem, one can use Google Search Console to get detailed information from the manual actions tab.

5) Check crawl errors and Robot.txt file:

Another way of finding the problem is to check crawl errors. If there are many errors in the site, then Google will crawl that site very slowly. All those errors with 301 redirects must be fixed to speed up the process of crawling. Google will also stop crawling and indexing the site even if there is a small mistake in creating or editing the Robot.txt file.


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6) Plagiarism or low-quality content:

If the content is copied from another existing site then it will have a negative impression on Google which results in a low ranking. The content must free of plagiarism. The content must have adequate keywords and stuffing of keywords must be avoided to rank in Google. The content must be according to Google’s rules and guidelines.


7) Visibility settings of the website:

There is a built-in option in WordPress which hides the visibility of the sites. This setting is usually used the site is new or work is going on. If this option is enabled then Google won’t be able to crawl or find the site. To make the site visible, this setting must disable.


8) Lack of high-quality backlinks:

Backlinks also play an important role in Google ranking. The content must have backlinks which must be of high quality. To increase domain authority, website traffic or Google ranking, backlinks are very important. The content must have adequate and high-quality backlinks to rank in Google search.


9) Slow website loading speed:


Website loading time is considered as a ranking factor by Google. The sites must have speed and takes minimum time in loading. The ranking of the site gradually decreases if the website takes too much time to load. Both ranking and user experience will be better if the loading of the website is fast, which will automatically increase the rank.


10) Site is not mobile-friendly:

If the website is not mobile-friendly, then it will also affect the ranking. Google has considered this factor to increase the rank of the website. Therefore, the developer needs to make a mobile-friendly and responsive website.



Therefore, the website designer and developer need to keep this point in mind so that the website ranks high. The high-rank website gets quality and high quantity of traffic. One more factor which affects the Google ranking is that the use of irrelevant keywords in the website. The keywords must be related to the website or blog. The website or blog must pass the Google rule and it must not violate the guidelines. The website or blog must be optimized which will result in an increase of ranking in the Google search.

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