Top 10 Reasons To Learn PHP MySql


Top 10 Reasons To Learn PHP MySql

PHP is basically acronym of Hypertext Preprocessor and it is a must for the web developers. The developers use this language in order to write on the web. The best part is that it is an open source language which gives the chance to the other programmers to embed their codes in the HTML. It is one of the most used computer language and it is mainly used for web development. This language helps to write the codes using the HTML commands. This back-end technology helps a great deal in both the small and large business. This is a low-cost medium which has gained popularity over the years among the coders.

Market dominance

Market dominanceIn this age where languages like Python, Ruby have given a different shape to the programming world, but the language PHP stands tall amongst all others. The stats reveal that more than 80% of the websites still run on PHP. The giant company like the Facebook, Tumblr, Wikipedia, and Flickr all depend upon PHP framework. This language has been adopted in order to develop some exceptional sites in the area of eCommerce, project management tools, CMS sites and many more. This language has a favorable future.


This language is not guided by the rules as this gives a chance to the coders and developers a freedom to expand the dimension. With no hard rules under your fingers, you can have more flexibility to solve problems with the usage of different problems. One added advantage is that it is tolerant to errors as you can compile and run the program till there arises an actual problem.

Reliable community

This language helps to build a reliable community which helps to venture many new challenges. This also garners the interest in gathering new inputs for building tools which are complex in nature and really be handy in the near future. As a matter of fact, with the building of the complex tools, the future process becomes simplified.
Easy learning curve.


If you are a newbie in the coding area, then you can kick start with the PHP language as it would help you to know the nitty-gritty of web development application procedure. It is easy to start with. Beginners can find it very effortless to pick this language up and get going.

Better opportunities

When you are well versed with the language, you can venture in different areas like the eCommerce platforms or even WordPress. This would boost your career in a great deal as there is huge demand in the segment of online and content management systems.

Super Speed

This language is very fast to load, and the best part is that if your website is built in PHP, then you are way ahead than other competitors. It works very swiftly as the coding in the PHP runs in its own space domain. This enhance the speed of the loading of the content page.

Budget Friendly

This language is a great blessing for the parties who want to keep their budget very economical. Being a pocket friendly language, this language is like a gem for all. Moreover, with the language being open source, it won’t cost you a dime.


There is an abundant of frameworks to choose from. With the variations in your deck, you can choose any framework which would support something that is complicated or have advantage of using of Zend Framework.

Efficiency in Performance

The efficiency of the language is fantastic, and you can only get to know when you are well versed with it. This versatile language is very handy in the web applications.

Platform Independent

This versatile language runs on each OS or platform. This makes it one of the most preferred languages to work with. The OS can vary from Linux, UNIX, Mac, Windows and still it would run smoothly. It is best to learn PHP and then you can develop pages which are compatible with different kinds of OS.
With the launch of the PHP 7, it has been progressing a lot. And the wonderful part is that the non-technical guys can pitch in and try their hands for web development.


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