Tips for starting a new digital marketing agency


Tips for starting a new digital marketing agency

Nowadays, setting up a new digital marketing agency is highly profitable in the long term as different businesses need help for marketing across the digital section and the digital consultants are in high demand these days.When you start a new agency, you should put forward one step at a time.  Any strategy that helps you in moving upwards, just follow that. There are various steps that need to be followed while setting up a digital marketing agency.

Focus on your target audience:

When you start a digital marketing agency, the first you should do is to target your niche. Focusing on a particular niche is very essential for the success of your digital marketing agency. When you focus on a particular niche, you end getting more relevant information about that niche. It also gives a competitive advantage. If you keep your spectrum too wide, then you would not be able to grow your business faster.

One more amazing strategy is to compete on the basis of price to get sales. In the beginning, the process would look interesting as there would be some new projects lined up in the sake of low price. But when you would try to expand your digital marketing agency, you will need to hire many intelligent team members. And those intelligent would not work for you at a low pay scale. You should have good revenue from the clients to pay a good amount to your employees. Furthermore, to grow your business you should focus on a specific service and industry and you should be positioned as a premium service provider.


Once you place yourself in a good position, then you will grow with a sustainable rate. Initially, it would a hectic task to get the right client, but once you get the right client you will get more of them.


Once you become stable in any particular field, then you will be able to form a brand for yourself in that industry. If you are from India and working as a digital marketing agency in India, you should focus on local clients first. Apart from you should also seek foreign clients as the world is so big and if you would not work with abroad clients then you would miss a major part of growing your business.

Selecting your niche:

You should always select your niche according to your personal experience. If you have any past experience in any particular industry then it would be best to go ahead in that specific field. You should have enough subject knowledge before starting the digital marketing agency. You should also do some consulting projects before you jump into the agency. It is just not only about Google AdSense and Facebook ads. There are a lot more things. You should always understand your customers well to set up a good business.


You should also establish your brand to extract the clients easily. Moreover, activities such as writing guest posts on authority publications, publishing articles on your own blog, creating videos, speaking at events will help you a lot in building your business. For the initial years, it is quite a difficult task to build your own brand for an agency. It will take at least 3-5 years to position you at a premium place. Once you get stable, you will start getting clients faster.

Importance of your personal brand

You should always involve yourself in every project as it is very necessary for the growth of your brand. Moreover, the clients and the workers of your brand should be happy and satisfied. Once you get a number of employees and when it becomes difficult to look after each and everyone then you can hire business experts. Focusing on a specific niche works for both the digital marketing agency and personal brand. Once you get saturated with your niche, then if you want to expand your brand, you can do it. But do not jump into multiple fields unless and until you are highly stable with your business.

Apart from that, if you don’t have proper digital marketing knowledge, you should take Digital Marketing course. If you are from Kolkata, Acesoftech Academy is one of the best Digital Marketing institute in Kolkata where one can take Digital Marketing course.

Naming right name of your agency:

It is one most vital process in setting up your business. The name you select should always have a meaning behind it.  Select such name which would be suitable for different industries as well so that you can expand your business with the same name.

Focus on your online presence:

Once you are done with the naming and selecting the niche of your brand, the next thing lined up is to build your online presence. In the initial years, you need to reach out to your clients and present your offers. Once you get stable and build a strong business, you will start getting clients and they will reach to you on their own. To build a strong brand you should have extremely satisfied clients.


Make sure your online presence is smoothly established before you reach out to the people via email or LinkedIn. Furthermore, you should have a website with professional outlooks with all the services mentioned clearly. When you reach out to the clients they analyze your business according to the presentation of your website and the quality of the articles that go inside your blog.

Don’t hire too many freshers in the beginning:

The term Freshers undoubtedly comes with a lot of new spirits, reviving energy and rejuvenating flavour in an organisation. But at the same time, the chief factor that governs the disadvantages of hiring a quality number of freshers is inviting inexperience to the company. Although freshers are provided with training programmes as per requirement, the receptivity of each of them varies in extreme ranges. In some cases, it becomes very common, that after getting placed in a company, freshers forget to learn and hence give lesser importance to the professional training programmes as compared to their classroom programmes during their academic life. If in teamwork, only one person messes up due to lack of training and proper demonstration and understanding of the work, the failure of the entire project can turn down the image of the organisation. Fluctuating interest is another problem that remains associated with freshers. Moreover, their commitment to the company tends to change overnight. With a slight hike in salary and due to sheer lack of patience and low capability of farsightedness, freshers often make the mistake of shifting too early to companies and job profiles which seem to satisfy their choices. Another element that lacks in almost every fresher is the flavour of industrial knowledge. Perhaps due to the education system, they consume a lot of time in coming out from the world of books and test papers and think about something which no one has ever thought of before. They forget to work as innovators and cling more to the habit of doing only what is being told to them and thinking on the basis of the resources that are already available to them, without any effort. The graph of expectations stands out much steeper than the graph of work. The drop in between is nothing but the desire of “getting more by giving less”. Problems related to professionalism and compatibility surrounds the freshers in most of the cases. They fail to distinguish between colleagues and friends and end up in mixing their personal and professional lives together, by projecting emotional outbursts in different ways.  In a place where professionalism is worshipped, freshers many a time are seen to display reckless behaviour. These might lead to miscommunication among the working members of the same and different levels of the same organisation and hence hampers the overall working ambience.

Focus on ORM also:

ORM (Online Reputation Management) is a system of taking control of online communication. These days 66.67% of people give online information the importance of authenticity. If anything negative is written about a person online, and the person is unknown about it, then despite a phenomenal job interview, his or her dream job can remain a dream. In order to avoid such circumstances in today’s digital world, your agency must have uniformity in every information and contact details throughout all websites.

Don’t ignore mouth publicity:

Publicity through verbal media spread with more intensity and faster velocity than that through newspapers, magazines, websites and pages. So these days, there is a common policy adopted by different companies. After serving one customer, they try to track his or her social life, target his or her peers and relatives, and try to promote their products to them, by displaying advertisements in their social media profiles. Apart from that, if satisfied by the service of a particular company, the customer can always recommend his close associates who will be in need of such services in future.


With a primary concentration on your intended audience, never forget to select your genre and that extra factor that will set you different from thousands of other agencies with more or less similar objectives. Value your personal as well as professional experience while setting the genre. Consider your personal brand extremely significant and spread your wings by taking projects of diverse ranges. Shakespeare might have said: “What’s in Name?”, but in cases where the story of recognition begins with the name, try to embed the essence of the purpose within the name that you choose for your agency. As already explained, the overall online representation of your agency is of utmost importance. It should reflect clarity, professionalism and that special touch which will instigate the interest in the customers so that they become more enthusiastic to explore your website and pages. Don’t hire too many freshers when you yourself are fresh enough. Ignoring verbal publicity can ruin any organisation while focussing on ORM can take your agency to a much higher level.