The best ten jobs in digital marketing and how can u get one of them


The best ten jobs in digital marketing and how can u get one of them

Digital Marketing is a world that is growing and changing all the time.  Companies or small business need to evolve with the times to stay ahead, and need to be aware of new trends and markets to stay ahead of the competition.  Digital Marketing specialists are in high demand, and as Digital Marketing becomes more important, there are many roles out there for the Digital Marketer.
Here are a few of the more coveted Digital Marketing jobs, as highlighted by Digital Marketing Recruitment Agencies.
Web Analyst

This is the data guy whose job it is to measure how well your online Digital Marketing is working.  He has to look at everything from acquisition return on investment (ROI) all the way through to conversions; I.E how many sales from an online Digital Marketing campaign.  To be a web analyst you need to understand every aspect of Digital Marketing, learn how to look at the Social Media Campaigns and how to analyse the results.  Google Analytics is a brilliant start. Google also provides certification for Google Analytics. Acesoftech Academy provides Google Analytics training.

Technical SEO Manager

SEO is Search Engine Optimization.  This is all about looking at the algorithms, checking out what works, monitoring figures, also analyzing, finding the best keywords and phrases, getting together an entire SEO project involving not just web but all aspects of blogging and social media, doing all the technical work to ensure the project or campaign runs effectively.

CRO Manager

CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization.  This goes fairly well with Web analytics.  This job is focused on ensuring and monitoring the flow of traffic to a website and analysing the conversions of clicks to business. Sometimes people come on to a site and leave with the business never targeting them again.  A CRO Manager will ensure that ‘clickers’ at some point become ‘converted.’

Customer Relations Manager

This is a great job especially if you are good with people and like interacting with them.  You do need to know about Digital Marketing.  Being a CRM means you need to drive people towards the business, to the websites and social media pages, for greater revenue.

Digital PR Manager

Public Relations is huge.  Someone in Public Relations works with the media and with journalists, getting a product as much attention as possible.  In the digital world, you want online and digital attention.  A good PR Manager will link Search Engine Optimisation towards getting noticed by the media and by the right people for additional (often free) PR.

PPC Manager

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. With so many people shopping online and doing so many different things using technology, it is important to monitor any advertising that you do online, either using Google Ads or Facebook Ads, anything in the e-commerce sector.  A PPC manager is vital to ensure that all the ads that you are doing are actually working and if they are not working, then to change them. Also  the role of a PPC manager is to make biding on keywords so that with less amount maximum ROI can be converted.

E-Commerce Trading Manager

This is a little bit of a juggling job.  Digital Marketing never stays the same.  Campaigns need to be changed all the time to be successful.  The profits, or the losses, of a Company need to be managed by someone who understands the markets, knows when to hang in or when to take risks, when to make changes, perhaps run a competition, put things on sale, juggle stock, price or offer a promotion.

Digital Acquisition Manager

A good one of these is hard to find, they need tons of knowledge and experience. Both of these by the way can be gained by doing a digital marketing course, reading, playing around online, working small or for yourself and slowly growing.  This is a person who drives an audience, the right audience, to the digital sites.  It is all about targeting and then selling, as well as ensuring returning buyers and buying.


Head of Multi channel Marketing

This is a challenge.  This is a manager or marketer who can handle both digital marketing and traditional marketing.  There is still a need for both, even though digital marketing is taking over quickly.  There is a bit of a gap between people who are tech savvy (the young market) and the older generation who may find digital challenging. This person needs to be able to somehow join the two together, reach both markets as well as slowly guiding the traditional offline users to go online.

UX Designer

This is a pretty new skill, cutting edge, involving interactive and user-centric web experiences and designs so that  customer’s online journey is exciting and streamlined.  Video, images, long form content, chat forums, anything online, comes into this.

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