Position of Link Building FOR SEO in 2015 & IN Future


Position of Link Building FOR SEO in 2015 & IN Future


In online interview with one of Google’s webmaster trends analyst, John Mueller, someone asked him to give his advice for using link building approach for SEO.
Everyone were astonished when they heard what he said.
“By the way, I’d try to stay out of that” he answered, highlighting that the process of link building which was believed to be very important technique in SEO, is no more advisable.
Mueller expounded his argument saying that some links are considered for Google ranking algorithm, but building link in such a way is not correct. He added that your prime goal should be to make sure that written material “stands in its own” and should be easy for every person to share your content on blogs and sites administrated by them.
Moreover he explained how links play a critical role for your website,  vowing that for ranking algorithm we have to think about many factors and it is not guaranteed that this process will surely be beneficial or harmful for your website or not.


The answer and response from Google official is slightly astonishing. In a short, Google all together has a soft link manipulation for most viewed link building.

If anyone searched something on internet the role of Google is to rank the relevant content, web pages according to its quality and permission. Any webpage or website which has inorganically gained signals of quality and permission plus links can cause hindrance in finding the best content and could limited the accuracy of those ranking.
Google has advanced its features of ranking with the help of Google penguin. It is an update to ranking algorithm that can markdowns those links which are marked as spams or of bad-quality links. Getting too many links, or too much irrelevant links of same topic, low quality content webpage links, could cause serious problem leading to an algorithmic penalty. So it is clear that how link building can be harm than good.
On the other side, link building can be more worthy and this should be noted that link building doesn’t always can cause harm. If the link building is done sensibly, with a knowledge of the factors that will take you towards success without any loss. And this is how you should be able to reduce the problems.
This is the mental approach of any practical SEO professional. Link building process is very important in ranking algorithm and we all are well aware of this. So, doing nothing to get them is not a good approach for any SEO professional, particularly when it is safe and worthy of it , and knowing your adversaries are also using link building approach.


The Google official describes one of the methods or a way to build a link, it is the most effective method to build the link of anything but this method is time consuming and requires a lot of money to complete the task. Google considers each and every link valuable in ranking by taking into considerations the set of steps involve to complete the particular processes involved in building links. They uses the algorithm in the ranking because it depicts that there is the indication of trust, credibility and authority by the synchronizations of the other links with our links makes it more valuable because they observe something interesting and valuable in the link that increases the value of the link by proxy also.

Creating and developing the links on the basis of your ability and creativity by mimicking the other work is not worthwhile. This will not depict the actual credibility to the individual who has the ability and the skills to develop a link because he uses his own abilities but take a plan by mimicking the other’s work and design or process. This will decrease the rating the link. Google in ranking doesn’t allow the individual to vote for himself or for his own work.it demands a highly developed and high quality content that has its own value and the people themselves demand to share with others.
While developing the ling blogs, blogs posts, graphical or visual representation of the data or information and videos are the important factors in the content. It requires a lot of attention and time to create the high quality link it also involves a lot of money to develop a high quality and a valuable link. The more the high quality of the link, the more are the chances to attract the customers or earn naturally rather than to make the advertisements.
Associate your link with the help of the different concerns on the social media, this will help in increasing the ranking of the link while different concerns are doing their work correctively. Less hard work is requiring when syndication of the link is done to spread the link to earn the profit. When the link is developed of the high quality content it will automatically attracts the other links to sync with it. This will increase the profit in terms of earns. When other links are synced with the high quality content link this will decrease the risk of those links of earning the penalty. Executing this type of high quality content is a tough job because it require to produce the original, entertaining and the informative material for developing of the each link that can meet the high ranking and quality.


There is another most important and powerful way to build a link without being more concerned about the outreach of the effort. This powerful way or method is called the guest blogging. This process consist of series of steps that establish a relationships with the other individuals or a firm like other blog owners, editors ,journalist to contribute or to take part or to gain the right in their publication. The guest blogging is more beneficial as compare to the SEO. It is the process of getting the traffic from the free, editorial, natural or organic search results on the search engine.it improves the visibility of the website by incorporating the search engine friendly elements into a website.


Links are very sensitive, if you do the job of Link building in right manner it will be beneficial and if you done wrongly it will be more harm than good. If you want to find out whether or not link building is good or harm, and is it is worth using this approach? For this purpose you have to understand the three basic component which are risk, cost and benefits.

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