PHP services in Kolkata: things you need to know


PHP services in Kolkata: things you need to know

Internet has connected people around the world. It is a tough job define your identity in the cyber world. The competition here has crossed its limits and still pushing forward. The value of “Personal Home Page” language has been increased in today’s world. And it’s increasing here in Kolkata too.


Large companies do most of their advertisement in the social media. They reach their customers through social media most of the time. So, they need more designers to handle their websites. And that widening the range of this field.

What are the needs for becoming a successful PHP developer?

Well we have some questions for this. To become a successful PHP developer, you only need to have determination to your work, and enough curiosity to learn new coding languages. Go through the questions below and if any of them sounds good to you then you may be the perfect person for this job.

  • Do you want independence on your work?
  • Do you want to learn new coding languages and have enough creative ideas in your mind?
  • Do you enjoy visualizing complex processes?

well as we told you if any question’s answer is yes then you may be the perfect person for this position. A successful PHP designer is always a self-motivated learner who enjoy learning new coding languages every time. They are also enough intellectual to visualize complex processes.


There are two kind of PHP developers. Some designers work for small, medium or large companies. Some works as freelancers. Well when you’re specially freelancers you need a creative mind. Cause, when you’re a freelancer, you need to visualize new complex processes to keep enough competence in the market.

What degrees or education is needed to become a PHP designer in Kolkata?

  PHP developers can work for small, medium or large companies as well as freelancers. Education needed depends on what are your career goals. If you want to work for any small medium or large PHP developing company, you need a bachelor’s degree in computer science software engineering or computer engineering. If you want to become a freelancer, then all you need is enough competence for the market.

There are some institutes in Kolkata which offers you PHP training with placement. If you want to become a freelancer or work for a PHP developer company, you can take training from these institutes.

What is the job about?

PHP developers use coding and scripting to write concise and well documented codes for websites. They even can design website wireframes, layouts anyone work with databases too. They provide advises to the web designer teams.

Duties of a PHP developer: –

  • Building new websites and web applications.
  • Give excellent quotes in PHP or JavaScript.
  • Test and verify your solutions to meet the requirements.
  • Observe usability tests to qualify success of the solutions.

Hiring demands of PHP developers-

PHP developers are hired for part time or full-time jobs in large, medium or small companies. They even can work as freelancers for individual clients, small websites or large software development companies. There are a lot of PHP companies in Kolkata. And the demand of PHP jobs in Kolkata are growing every day. There is a new website every day in this world. Some are e-commerce, some are news websites. Sometimes there are links for household links, in some there are news of the celeb town. These websites need web designers every day. And that is why their demand is growing rapidly high.

Organizations that hire PHP developers in Kolkata-

  • Individual web entrepreneurs.
  • Software designing companies.
  • Web design and development companies.
  • Computer system designing firms and video games developing companies.
  • E commerce application development companies.
  • College, universities and non-profit companies.
  • Small medium and large private companies.
  • Municipal, state and federal government agencies.

PHP salaries in Kolkata-

The PHP job salaries in Kolkata are pretty good. Starting salaries for web designing jobs in Kolkata are from 15 to 20k per months. As we all know experience is everything in this kind of Fields, it will increase with your experience too.

Benefits of PHP-

  There are a lot of coding languages in the market. The benefits of PHP keep it ahead among them.


  • It’s easy and simple to learn.
  • It’s much more object oriented.
  • You’ll get the independence you always wanted in your job.
  • It’s easier to fix problems.
  • It’s widely known.


The market of PHP developers in Kolkata is increasing every day. In this age of internet, where people cannot even breathe without posting it on social media, the field going to fly high in near future. So, there is less chances of no job boards in this field. Still it is a wide field and the demand is still growing. Do some more research and you may found your ideal job in Kolkata.


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