Optimize your Site with Rich Snippets Mark-up & SERPs


Optimize your Site with Rich Snippets Mark-up & SERPs

Over last few years you may have seen different changes in search results. Products reviews, prices, its availability in market, and other detail information about the product in google search results are new for all of us. This is due to huge number of websites using and implementing structured data markup, which is used by search engines in all over the world to provide rich snippets.
Way back in 2009 Google introduce rich snippets to their search results assisting users find additional data on a large variety of subjects including people, food recipes, events and reviews. The goal being to help webmasters advertise their content better, and giving users as much information as possible before they made the decision to click through to a website. If you’re running a business having a website, you can give Google detailed product information that can be used to display rich snippets right on our search results pages.
It’s very important to add schema markup to website, by this the data is being identified which is valuable to search engines and will seeks to improve search accuracy by understanding searcher intent and the contextual meaning of terms as they appear in the searchable dataspace, whether on the Web or within a closed system, to generate more relevant results. By adding the structured data to your web page, you can easily help search engines to identify your content which will enable your site to be obvious with rich snippets.
To understand and comprehend more about the structured data, how it is developed and how it is evolved from time to time, I suggest you to visit schema.org website for reading material.
Data that resides in a fixed field within a record or file is called structured data. It is important to know that structured data is responsible for the content used to boost up or enhance the search results. It also give user a hope that he is on right website and he will find the relevant data.
There are different products, recipes, places and articles which can have snippet. For example the snippet for restaurant might show the price range, dishes, opening and closing timing, its address and contact information. Thus, a lot of information is embedded in snippet which can help the users to recognize your website as relevant to their search, and make more SERP real estate, and this may leads to more hits on your pages.
Can Structured Data be beneficial for websites?
The information about websites were communicated to Google by Structured markup data over long period of time. The transferring of information was done by using Meta tags. Due to some reasons such as over use of SEO, and misuse of optimization, Google was compelled to eventually abandon the structured data many years ago.
Is structured data present on web page??? Check it yourself
The webmasters got new job apart from ensuring that data is accurate , also now they have to ensure whether the structured data have positive impacts on site’s performance or not. Google has simple structured data testing gadget which can be easily used to test the structured data. With the help of this tool any one can easily fetch a URL by copy paste and see different structured data code examples.
How to add Structured Markup Data on Web Pages?
There are three simple and easy steps which are used to embed the snippets on website. First choose which format of Data is best for website, then highlight the content which you want to mark up, in last test for markup is working properly or not.

1. Select a Mark-up Format

There are different formats which can be used such as microdata, microformats, and RDFa. These are all accepted formats apart from Google suggestion of using microdata.

2. Start to Mark Up your Content

There are different types of content for which Google is supporting structured data for them. It includes some of the common content such as reviews, products, recipes, organizations, events, music and articles.

Google is vast world for every person, for marking up content you may use Google’s structured markup helper as best option. Its simple step process in which you have to select a format, input the URL of a web page, and start to highlight the data. This will create a code which can be added to page HTML code afterward.
Using this markup helper you can easily add markup to multiple pages if you have many product pages having similar template. There is option of selecting a sub set of pages and method of highlighting data is used to ensure the consistency.
What will happen after adding the structured data code to website?
After the creation of code in Google’s structured data markup tool add the code to your page. It is important to remind that Google states may take time for making snippets appear in search results and adding the structured data to web page will not affect the page ranking. Also, it is important to know that there is no guarantee that your markup will appear in search results or not.
How Social media Markup is added to Improve the Knowledge Graph
Social media markup is another approach which can be used to get benefit from linked social profiles and also boost up and optimize the search results of your business and also the most important is the knowledge graph. For all of this the internet property should be available everywhere.
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