An in-depth study about Node.Js: Why a developer should learn Node.Js


An in-depth study about Node.Js: Why a developer should learn Node.Js

An in-depth study about Node.Js

Introduction- In year 2021, roughly 50 million developers are ruling the industry of web development and Node.js is the backend language primarily responsible for handling of server side development in various tech organisations such as AliExpress and eBay. Let us understand how node.js works and how it can be benefactor in your future projects and can accelerate your speed of building web applications. After study you will be able to choose right Node.Js Training institute in Kolkata, anywhere in the world or online. If you are planning to launch any project and looking for Node.Js Development company in India, this can be very good article for you.


It employs JavaScript runtime environment in V8 Google chrome browser and hence build efficient and scalable applications and it is open source and it really makes the web server highly productive by responding requests from client side by single thread system for beautiful user experience and it works by event system.

How node.js works?

 Node.js is an excellent scalable and customizable framework which works with non-blocking I/O model in the server engine and it creates interactive web applications by speeding the workings of code. It works on using single thread event loop model rather than multithreaded request response system for handling concurrent requests made by user through client side. So Basically Node.js is the architecture created to enhance server side development of applications so that web server becomes optimised in handling constant requests and thus helps in reducing  page loading rate so that more and more consumers access the page and spend more time on  the App. It works with library “Libuv” which employs  event based mechanism and “call back” action in which workers are given the task of delegating the request made by server so that while handling the multiple request made by the client, it doesn’t stops midway rather than continuously keep processing the request through call back mechanism and the requests are handled simultaneously without affecting the page load rate. The library enhances the readability and reusability of code so that the requests are handled effectively and user gets the desired results in fraction of seconds thus increasing the efficiency and robustness of the application.  Essentially Google V8 JavaScript engine is utilised in which applications are event based and runs in asynchronous manner.

What is the substructure of node.js?

Node.js has the capability of handling concurrent requests from user in a single threads event loop mechanism. It is very different from the traditional technique of generating multiple threads in response to several requests from client side which fucks up the whole RAM.

Npm-node package manager-

NPM is the world’s largest software registry employed by the Node.js framework which contains million downloadable libraries subjected to each specific requirement from the user and it composes as single package which has all the nitty gritty of Node.js and millions of developers cannot help appreciating the efficiency of NPM. Many enterprises have started using the library in their private affairs as well and with the sharing and growth of NPM every day, the community of Node.js is growing manifold. Node package manager is indeed the valuable possession of all developers working with the Node.js framework and with improved code structure and improved diagnosis, it has made the application really high functioning and giving remarkable results. The entire list of packaged modules is feely available on NPM website and the current version Node.js 11.0 uses native node for increasing the stability of application and it has advanced features through which the geeky developers can employ for greater user experience.


Node.js is highly recommended and used for various applications and improving the social media networking sites-
  1. Efficient backend for social media websites

    – Scalability in node.js framework is critical for improving the backend of social media websites and many renowned organisations such as Medium and LinkedIn vouch upon node.js for maintaining the server side of this companies as node.js has writable and readability factors which is continually improvised for better connection with users who rely heavily on these sites for maintaining their business and brand identity.
  2. Single page application-

    Many businesses rely completely on node.js for building single page applications and create single page for websites and it’s all because of Node.js reliability in maintaining the restructure of code and creating effective blocks of code which takes less time to process and it has asynchronous event mechanism for handling responses in server to client side direction.
  3. Chat applications-

    Node.js has the remarkable ability to execute tasks in fastest manner while working with push notifications and server-side requests. Various applications like Chatbot uses high functional features of Node.js such as handling concurrent requests, navigation through heavy traffic and intensive structure which makes the usage of these applications in real time faster with dynamic user experience and it runs smoothly across all devices covering all the aspects of chat apps,
  4. Data streaming-

    With its robust speed of routing, faster uploads and feather light encodes it is used by major Giants such as Netflix which operates in 200 countries with over 120 million users which are increasing rapidly day by day. Many e- online fashion stores are encashing the features of Node.js in streaming videos with greater speed and inculcation of vibrant videos leaves the users thrilled and excited all thanks to Node.js.
  5. IOT application development

    – IOT refers to internet of everything and it results in the interconnection of people and objects with sensors fitted in with various networks to access the related information with the aid of technology. The benefit of Node.js is its ability to seamlessly handle consecutive requests by web server without decreasing the page loading rate which is highly beneficial for user visiting the IOT application both in private and public sector.


Node.js has become hot cake in the tech industry owing to its remarkable features of using single thread to cater multiple client requests and many tech biggies such as Amazon,Uber,Linkedin,Reddit swear by Node.js to execute their business and escalate their users with ever increasing high functioning performance of apps .The budding developers just keeps appreciate node.js for its remarkable business in which Netflix adopted this technology to decrease its start-up time  and Amazon utilising this framework for future projects.

Some amazing case studies on node.js


    The video streaming Giant, Netflix has staggering 130 million subscriber base and one billion hours of data streaming in a week and this fuelled the use of Node.js framework to handle concurrent programs in relatively shorter period of time. All thanks to the amazing power of Node.js in which Netflix have gained tremendous success in reducing their start up time from 40 minutes to under 60 seconds which bas really made it popular among worldwide.

      With over 63 million subscribers out of which only 60% approx. resorts to LinkedIn app for submitting their profiles, it turned to Node.js to increase the number of its users. Thankfully they have been able to reduce memory overhead time, reduce their web servers from 30 to 3 with the help of Node.js and boost their performance manifold which has upscaled their revenues.
  • UBER-

    This enterprise has taken the world by storm by providing cabs to all people by catering to their needs and demand in much lesser time and Node.js works on the same principle of giving timely responses with respect to intermittent requests by making the web server stronger with single thread and inducing the “call back” mechanism into action to get the work done in fraction of seconds.
Node.js with well-articulated framework worked rapidly to cater multiple requests of riders to driver in minimal time possible to become the undisputed leader of the country and also it has been instrumental in the development of Uber application to track time and chart the course of destination.


Although Node.js works invariably faster with single threaded web server it also has various pitfalls which might not work for your web application. In that case the developers need to switch on different frameworks to find concrete solutions for their problems. Several drawbacks of Node.js are-
  • Web application with relational database on backend

Node.js works by event driven and non-blocking I/O event loop but sometimes it does not handle incoming requests due to web server busy with other processing files and moreover the relational database of Node.js is not fully developed which seriously limits its capacity of web server working with single thread.
  •   Heavy server-side processing-

With its peculiar features making it outstanding for the application development in the tech organization, Node.js cannot process heavy computations while the web server is busy catering the requests and thus it is nit recommended to improve the overall experience of your app and the decision must be taken wisely to rely excessively on the Node.js tech for its front end and backend.
  • CPU intensive work-

If your web server is set up for processing heavy files on CPU, Node.js will not be your best bet as it will decrease the speed invariably and hence affecting the functioning of app.

Since Node.js is endowed with NPM library within built features comprising packed modules for solving all the issues of developers, yet, many developers have reported lack of documentation and poor quality modules which impairs the ability of faster application development. But there is no need for concern as highly skilled node.js developers can work out the issues in hand and solve them in no time.


  • Vertical and horizontal scaling

    What makes Node.js so tech special because of its vertical and horizontal scaling. Vertical scaling refers to the process in which more resources are inserted into current nodes whereas in horizontal scaling brand new nodes are created quickly.
  • High performance-

    To optimize their search engines, Google invest heavily on new technologies to enhance their performance and Node.js uses powerful V8 engine which compiles JavaScript code into machine learning.
  • Larger community-

    Node.js boasts popular community which has the likes of leading enterprises such as SAP, Microsoft. Fidelity and IBM in which the developers regularly updates the fellow members regarding the innovations pertaining to Node.js and keeps revisit the NPM modules and libraries to make the community of Node.js stronger and efficient in problem solving skills .GitHub ,the most popular community also has bunch of Node.js developers striving for excellence in their chosen field by introducing new libraries and modules to engage the users.
  • Boosts development speed-

Node.js helps in accelerating the speed of web applications by its varied and lightweight tools and the use of NPM libraries further makes the application reliable as the registry offers numerous solutions and modules to function smoothly with the framework.
  • Freedom to develop apps-

    If you are looking to enhance the coding efficiency of your team, then you must definitely consider Node.js as it has the capacity to carry out entire web development cycle on its shoulders and with frameworks like Electron, it is compatible to create cross platform tech apps which can operate with any operating systems such as Windows and Linux.
  • Single programming language-

    Node.js has become efficient in serving full stack developers as it is effective enough to offer languages which are essential to carry out front end and backend development.Node.js with its vast multitude of resources is fully functional to work with JavaScript which is the main coding frameworks for all the applications today.
  • Contribution to mean stack and full stack-

    Node.js has contributed a lot through its community and is currently the strongest player in the tech biosphere as it employs JavaScript which turns the code into usable forms and many web templates are uses time and again to save resources and time and thus in turn increasing the productivity and profitability of the organization.
  • Rich ecosystem-

    NPM registry is the best in world when it comes to simplicity and efficiency of Node.js boasts off 846000 libraries with over 10,000 more are published weekly and still counting. It reduces a great deal of time and effort in development and marketing as it has 4,75,000 modules and packages with new enriched tools are incorporated weekly to magnify its proportion.
According to the stats of Node.js foundation, approx. 98% of fortune 500 companies utilises node.js in creating their applications which is really phenomenal. If you want to learn about Node.js  and looking for Node.Js training institute in Kolkata, you can rely on  Acesoftech Academy. And if you are looking for Node.Js Developer in Kolkata, you can contact Suhanasoftech Pvt Ltd.

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