Mobile applications are the powerful mediums through anyone can access a product or service online without much hassle. With the introduction of artificial intelligence and Machine learning, there has been greater comfort as apps have become cross browser compliant. Whether its foods beverages, stationary, electronics or grocery sector, with mobile apps you can avail these facilities without stepping out of home and thus saving time. Want to create your own app?
Suhana Softech is one such top mobile app development company in Kolkata which provides solution of generating the maximum return with powerful digital marketing solutions and with experience of developing, designing and marketing businesses in different industries & online marketing services in various corners of Kolkata. At Suhana Softech, we don’t restrict ourselves to creating a cutting-edge website and handling it over to the clients but also ensure them in creating their brands and reach globally through our SEO programs.

Vision of Suhana Softech

The web is our passion and we love to help clients grow in their respective ventures which would lead to economic development of the country. We maintain strong work ethics and never compromises with the quality of services delivered.

Services offered

We orient our services according to the behaviour and preferences of customers that help them drive growth in their respective business.

Some of them includes

1. Mobile app development

We are having great expertise in data and performance centric apps using cloud-based services like AWS (Amazon Web Services) azure, drobox & CDNs – Content Delivery Networks to keep our clients growing at the faster rate.

2. Mobile app testing

We at Suhana Softech provides end to end mobile testing services, including functional, compatibility, usability, networks, operating systems, browsers, and locations testing which keeps the device performing at optimum rate without degradation.

3. App UI/UX designs

UX design focuses on the interaction between real human users and everyday products such as websites, apps, and even coffee machines. We focus on building attractive and visually appealing apps without compromising on their functioning aspect … UX is not new. We being the best Android development company in Kolkata provides best UI tools for upgrading the apps.

4. App Remodelling

Our app developers make the re-modelling of apps faster in both Android and IOS for a whole new digital experience. It really works wonders for the market driven agencies, so that consumers notice and takes action thereby generating revenue. We are therefore committed to provide optimum solutions and turn a raw idea into successful development of mobile applications.

5. Cross platform mobile apps

Our team of experts have excellent innovative solutions for creating apps for Android and iOS. Our associates create apps using React Native and Xamarin which further more increase the capacity and usability of cross platform apps.

Our App development process

• First of all, there is target research in particular segment of market and then conceptualization of app to make it unique and dynamic.
• Then the skeletal structure of app is designed on the paper and then visualization of its usability is assessed.
• Then with the aid of agile methodology, its programming begins which is in sync with configuration of servers and backend data.
• Various testing tools are employed to fine tune the apps and fixing of bugs takes place.
• Finally, the app is deployed for marketing and promotional activities and continuous iteration and improvement takes place to ensure its smooth functioning.

Why Choose Suhana Softech to leverage your business?

Our Team of dedicated professionals will speak with you to learn more about your business, your goals, your budget, and overall, what you’re looking to accomplish. From there, we’ll discuss internally what we think would be the best fit with present pricing and options. Before reaching out to us, it would be best to think about:
• Your timeline
• Your initial goals
• Your budgeting cost
. If you’re unsure about the above, we can help you define your budget and goals. We at Suhana Softech, which is the top-rated iOS app development company in Kolkata are committed to achieving and pushing the level of performance at all times. With the robust power of technology, we deliver end-to-end solutions for multi-million-dollar funded start-ups to small and medium enterprises. So, stop waiting and hire us and take your business to next level.