Local digital marketing is more important than ever


Local digital marketing is more important than ever

The business world has woken up to the power of Digital Marketing.  They are learning that the Internet is the most important tool out there.  It doesn’t matter if they’re a small time greengrocer, a doctor or a giant legal firm.  Everyone is now using the Internet to market their product.


It does not mean they are doing it correctly! There is a way to do Digital Marketing that is right.  It is not enough to just have a website or a blog.  The owner of the website or the blog needs to get the information to the right people. Competition is huge today, in every single aspect of the world.  You cannot wait for a reader to find your information.  You have to get the information to the reader.


This is where Digital Marketing comes into the picture. This is the ‘Year of Mobile.’  Almost everyone you know carries a phone with them.  Look right now at the person next to you.  They may have a smartphone and a laptop on the table in front of them.  Whatever device they use, they’re getting the information on that device.  And they want it immediately.  Or they should be getting it immediately.


Let’s look at Social Media.  It used to be that we had Facebook or Twitter on our computers only.  Now, we have them on our mobiles.  


Look at Apps.  It used to be that we would pop into a Travel Agency to book a holiday.  Then, we used the internet and searched online for the holiday.  And today, we have Apps on our phone so we can book the holiday, immediately.


All the big companies are spending a lot of money to advertise digitally.  And they’re making sure this advertising is reaching your smartphone too!  Small businesses need to learn how to do this too.  And if you are a Digital Marketer, you need to be aware of how to help the small business get into Digital Marketing.  Quickly!  It’s a competitive market, remember. For this, either you can get Online Digital Marketing training or you can choose for offline classroom based classes.


Let’s look at Google Adwords.  Or Facebook or Twitter ads.  With the right wording, businesses can target users who are close by.  Think about how often you may have googled ‘Spain’. And how quickly you start getting ads about travel to Spain thereafter. That is called Digital Marketing, and it works.  If you’re a business owner  and you’re not targeting people this way, you need to learn how to do it.


But can small or local businesses compete online?  Can they compete with eBay or Craigslist or an enormous company like Amazon?  Can the local butcher compete with the enormous supermarket chain?  


The answer is YES.  There is a slice of the digital market for everyone.  The Digital Marketer needs to understand how digital marketing works. They need to be sure they make use of good content, SEO, SEM, keywords, key phrases, video, live video, and if they can, artificial reality and virtual reality!   And then there are a few rules that are really simple, that any local or small business can do, that will get them right on top of listings when it comes to digital marketing.


How should a small local business do their Digital Marketing

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Use Social Media tools like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  Have a presence online, be consistent in posting and advertising and be informed.  Remember, posting on social media does not cost anything.  Having a Facebook page is free.  The ads cost money but these tools are incredibly inexpensive.  As a Digital Marketer, you need to understand the best way to do the Ads, to use keywords or Google Ads, and to get the product to the right people.


Do location based advertising.  If you are selling meat in Kolkata, India, direct the ads at people in Kolkata, India.


Maintain Quality  and good relation with customers


Make it easy for your customers to order and pay online.  Have a good website or blog and ensure that your product is available online.  Be innovative on your website with content and video.  


If your ads are driving people to your stores, fabulous.  But then ensure you can provide great service in the store.  Always ensure that your service is as good as what your advertisement offers.  Be personal.  A small store can be personal and friendly.  Know your customers.  Big stores cannot do this, you have the advantage here.


Incentives for customers and staffs


provide Incentivise to your staff and your customer.  Are you selling facials?  Offer the tenth facial free of charge. Or advertise online for quiet time specials.  Be smart, discount when you can, reward when you can.


Local businesses can compete with big business. They can also do it without huge expense. The way to get any product or business out there is to use the Internet, to advertise and to sell online.  It’s called Digital Marketing and it is the only way to do it.

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