Java v/s Python which one is better for career ?


Java v/s Python which one is better for career ?

Suitability of programming languages is perhaps the most important decision making a step towards achieving success in a project. With the passage of time, like every other field, programming languages have also evolved through the stepping stones of different versions, each of which are studded with modified upgradations that satisfy the user needs and enhance the workability of any particular programme. Languages like C, C++, Java, and Python still rule the market of Information Technology. As Java and Python are very closely related to each other and have almost equivalent functionalities in different zones of programming, so the choice between the two is bound to be very difficult. Yet, let us first try to point out certain differences between them flanked by the advantages and disadvantages of both of these high-level computer programming languages.

Comparison in Numbers

    • GitHub Ranking (January 2019):

      Python with 14.75% monthly active users has recently captured the 2nd position leaving Java with 14.01% on the 3rd place.


  • Stack Overflow Survey (February 2019):

    All respondents have put Python on the 4th place with 41.7% (39.4% of pro devs) votes when Java sits just behind, on the 5th position with 41.1% (39.2% of professionals). It’s interesting that Python is 2nd among the most loved languages and the 1st of the most wanted to learn. Java is on the 18th and 9th positions, respectively.


  • TIOBE Index (April 2019):

    Java holds the 1st seat with 15.04% popularity based on web search while Python is only 4th with 8.17%.

  • In addition, we’ve looked at salaries and jobs listed by Indeed. Java developers are more popular with 14,269 US employees and the average compensation of $102,768 per year. Python engineers have higher salaries of $123,686 per year on average but there are only 5,931 listings in the database.

It looks like Python is more demanded on the market while Java is generally more accessible.

Java: Scalability and Speed—

We all know that Java has mainly three parts: Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and Java Development Kit (JDK). JVM is an abstract machine which creates a platform for the bytecode. The output that Java compiler produces is not executable code, it is bytecode. A bytecode is a highly optimized set of instructions, designed to be executed by the Java runtime system. Major problems associated with web-based programs can be solved here. This is because only JVM needs to be implemented for each platform. Although the JVM differs across platforms, every platform understands the same Java bytecode. Even though Java was designed to be an interpreted language there is nothing about Java that prevents on-the-fly compilation of bytecode into a native code so as to boost performance. So, the HotSpot technology was introduced not long after Java’s initial release. High speed of Java is another important feature which enables easy use of the language. The flexibility that we get for Java is due to its object-oriented properties like platform independence, abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism and inheritance. Java is a great powerful tool for building big projects that are easy to scale.

Python: Flexibility and Ease—

When you crave for a lightly loaded program, Python should always be your choice. You will have to write less code when you opt for Python. So for newcomers, better readability is opted through the choice of Python. Python has a very high boosted popularity when it comes to DevOps. Although Python is not the best one for highly specialized apps designed to work with data, Python offers easy-to-use tools for developing projects for processing big blocks of information. The central objective of Python developers is to find just one way to solve the problem. If you think of developing a project innovative enough to implement artificial intelligence, Python shouldn’t have any alternative for you.

Java is compiled while Python is interpreted. Java is a fast language and hence it is used where speed is an issue. Python is user-friendly, and hence the body of the code is not very bulky. Mobile creators require a profound knowledge of Java. Artificial Intelligence experts and DevOps engineers work with Python due to its simplicity and user-friendly characteristic.

However, each of them has its own unique features and we use both of them as per their suitability in respective programs.

Java and Python Training

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The question remains which one to learn ?  Actually  it depend upon ones interest. Both Java and  are popular  and making career on any one of the language is safe.