Is it safe to build a career as freelance project bidder?


Is it safe to build a career as freelance project bidder?

In my previous blog, I have already written how freelance works and is it possible to earn money as a freelancer.


In this blog, I will cast light on is it safe to build a career as a freelance bidder and work in any company?

Yes, my answer is yes.


In today’s era, most of the engineers either want to be a website designer, website developer or Digital Marketer. Because there are good career prospects in this. Also, all the above mentioned careers are well known and have good pay. One more important thing about the above mentioned career is that all are IT related careers.


Website Designer:   The job role of a designer is to design the website and once the client approves forward to the developer team.

Website Developer:   The role of a developer is to make the website functional. That means the logical part of the website is developed/added by the developers.

Digital Marketing executive:   The job role of a Digital Marketing person is to optimize the website and bring the website on top of the search engine. Apart from that the Digital Marketing executive also looks after social media optimization and other SMEs work.

So what is the job role of a project bidder?

The job role of a project bidder is to make bidding in the project and bring the project for a company.  In fact, the work of a website designer, website developer or digital marketer can only survive if there is a project in the company.

So, you can understand the importance of this job role. No company can imagine surviving without the client’s project.


Knowledge required:  Now that you have understood the job roles and responsibilities of designers, developers, and digital marketers.  For a designer, one should have knowledge of graphics and HTML CSS. For a website developer PHP, ASP.NET or JSP knowledge is required. For a Digital Marketing executive, the knowledge of SEO, SMM, and AdWord, etc. is required.

What knowledge is required for an Online Bidder?

  1. Good communication skills: Since this is international work. You have to communicate with international customers. So, knowledge of English is important. You need to write a proposal to the customers and also you need to communicate and convince the customers. So, English communication must be good
  2. Minimum Knowledge of the subject: He or she is going to bid. For example, if he bids on the projects of e-commerce then he should know how e-commerce works. Using which language e-commerce is built etc. Learning all these things is not difficult if you are interested.
  3. How to make a bid: You need proper training on how freelancing works and also how to make a bid so that the chances are higher of fetching the projects. What to do and what not to do so that your account is not suspended. At Acesoftech Academy a proper and complete freelance and bidding training in Kolkata are provided. You can either enroll for online classes or in our classroom also.
  4. Salary for a project bidder:  Salary of a bidder is always higher than a developer and definers.  Apart from that, the bidder gets a percentage also per project basis. For example, if you bring a $2000 project then you will get an additional 5% on each project. So in this case, one will get $100 USD extra apart from the salary.

Other opportunities:


  1.  Work from home:  Suppose you don’t want to work in any company. Since you have knowledge of how to fetch the project and how to make a bid. You can bid on the project and work on your own. For that, you can have any of the skills like website design, development or digital marketing.
  2.  Open your own agency:  If you want to open your own company or agency with the team, that’s also possible. Since you know how to get projects. So, your focus will be on how to get the work done and deliver it to the clients.
  3.  Work as a part-time bidder for another company from home:   If you have a problem with going to the company and working as a full-time employee, then there are other opportunities also. You can approach the company and work on a percentage basis. Normally the bidder gets 20% -30% of the project. So, this opportunity is also there.


The good thing about this career is that you don’t have to be a technical person. You don’t need to learn design and coding. If you know English and you are fine with marketing, this career is for you.



  1. This career is a mixture of technical and marketing. So, any engineering student doesn’t want to build a career. Because he fears that the programming knowledge he or she has learned will forget. To some extent, it’s true also. Since the bidder himself will not work; his responsibility is to get projects so he may forget the knowledge of design or development.
  2. Another problem with this career is that there is target pressure. You will be under pressure to achieve the target each month.  In some companies, if you fail to achieve the target it may affect the salary.

Conclusion: This is a modern and very good career. The only pre-requisite for this career is good communication skills and proper freelance and bidding training. Rest of the things one learns with the work experience.

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The blog is written by Umar Rahman, CEO of Acesoftech Academy.