How web design works: Web Design Course in Kolkata


How web design works: Web Design Course in Kolkata

Creating a website on the Internet is like building a house, like buying a house before we buy a house, in the same way, Before buying a website we buy the hosting on which our website is built, after which we design the website it’s just like how you buy a plot first and then build a house over it. Website design is the map. Website design helps in designing the website just like how we design a house while looking at the map. In short, web designing creating, updating, or planning any website.

Parts of Web Designing

There are two parts in the web designing. One is Front-end web design and the other one is Backend developer. Both are discussed below:

Front-end Web Design

As the name suggests, Front End Web Design delivers in front, i.e. from the part that is visible to the user.


When we open any website, whatever happens in front of us is the work of Front End designer. Our aim from Front End Web Designing is not just to beautify the website, through web designing, we have to keep in mind what to add to what makes visitor coming to our website is not a problem.


If we compare it with a car then the work of Front End designer is to beautify the car, it does not make sense with the engine, the battery engine inside the car is the job of all the Back End Developer.

Backend Developer

Web Developer works on the backend. It creates the brain of the website, for example, if a form has to be filled out on the website then who should reach it, if someone enters the ID/password then what kind of profile should open such things.


Backend Developer is not visible to the visitors of the website but it plays the most important part. A website cannot be created without working on the backend using the backend developer.


Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners


Here’s a step-by-step guide to learning web designing for beginners:

Start learning HTML.

When you get a good hold of HTML then start learning CSS. Create something by using HTML / CSS every day. Once you have thoroughly learnt HTML / CSS, start learning JavaScript. Along with learning these languages you should focus on learning basic things like photoshop but there’s no need of going much advanced with photoshop.

 Start Learning PHP

Once you have the knowledge of basic JavaScript then start practicing PHP. Make some easy and small projects using all the languages you’ve learnt.

Learn to create websites on WordPress

Now make a simple project by using PHP and Database as well to perfect your skills.

 After following all these steps you will become a good web designer. Once you have learnt all these skills and have perfected them, you can earn money in dollars through freelancing on the internet or you can apply for a job in a reputed company. Web Designing is a skill that will be very demanding in the future so work hard in this field to reach higher levels.