How to become full stack developer


How to become full stack developer

A full stack developer is responsible for managing the entirety of the project and many Big tech companies like Google and Facebook bet on full stack developers to handle bulk data projects and ready to shell more dollars for an expert developer and with rapidity in web and mobile applications, companies opt for cost cutting so full stack developers get attractive salary and they are high in demand.

Now before we begin it is crucial to understand the meaning of stack-      A stack is a collection of three layers which function in web development to get the desired product. The three layers are:

  1. Presentation Layer

    It constitutes navigation of pages, setting colors and fonts and changing the overall structure of website and handles user request and sends to server.

  2. Logic Layer

    It constitutes the bridge between presentation layer and database. It manipulates the user inputs through logic and algorithms and finally making desired changes.

  3. Database

    It is used to store data for later retrieval and all the three work concurrently to make a website work.

So, let us chart out the steps to become a full stack developer and understand what it takes to be one-

  • Expert in front end technologies

    – The developer must be familiar with latest front end technologies as it is responsible for maintaining the presentation layer so knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is essential for handling requests from client side.

  • Master the back end technologies

    -The server side forms cluster of various programming languages along with databases, DevOps and Mobile apps.

  1. Python ,Ruby and PHP are great Back end frameworks so knowledge is vital in these.
  2. Databases such as MongoDB , Postgres and MySQL are the most flexible and reliable database.
  3. Amazon web services has the knack of delivering applications faster and at a very fast speed.
  4. Hybrid apps ,iOS and Android apps uses languages such as Swift and Java so you must be ready to ace all of these.
  • Learn design basics

    – In order to become a good full stack developer you must possess intermediate knowledge of design such as basics of UI/UX and prototyping.

  • Expertise in one language

    – Nobody can get acquainted with all the languages but if you want to be a full stack developer you must have expertise in at least one language till advanced level and must know the fundamentals of other languages as well.

  • Hire an industry expert

    – It is crucial that you get mentored by industrial experts who can render practical training and undertake projects to boost your confidence.

  • Get exposure

    – So lets get real,you cannot be a full stack developer just by guidance by professionals but you must learn to apply in real time to comprehend the learning and experience it by yourself otherwise all the efforts will be futile.

  • Attend mock interviews

    – To gain in depth understanding of the stack development, you must throw yourself in mock interviews to assess your potential and gradually working on the weak areas that needs to be polished to keep the momentum going.

  • Practice is the key

    – In order to become an effective full stack developer, it is necessary to keep practicing until you get confident to handle and shoulder the entire project responsibility . It takes months of patience and consistency to get the desired results.

  • Strong portfolio

    – You must undergo practical training in order to become skilled developer and build strong portfolio which showcases your skills so while hunting jobs, recruiters can recognize your talent.

  • Join social media groups

    – You must definitely join social media groups for latest information on full stack development and get updated constantly so that timing of market standards can be met and understanding of developments can continue.

  • Follow stack developers

    – It is very necessary that you learn through threads related to full stack development and on platforms like Reddit which helps you stay connected to latest ongoing developments and for that you can choose wide range of topics and connect to experts and learn from them.


– Full stack developers are in great demand because of their versatility and they are budget friendly for any company by default. So ,it’s a great career choice with higher pay so its vital that you obtain certification in stack development course and boom your career .

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