How to be winner with search engine optimisation, SEO.


How to be winner with search engine optimisation, SEO.


Think of a website as a shop. The shop is really pretty, you have an excellent shopkeeper and gorgeous things on the shelves.  Your prices are good and you offer excellent service.  But if you don’t market well and get people in to the shop, you are not going to get any business.


This is exactly the same for an online website.  It might be the best looking website in the world but unless people know about it, or find it easily online, you are not going to get business out of it.  You need to do digital marketing and you need to use Search Engine Optimisation and keywords to get the traffic that you need.


So, what can you do with Search Engine Optimisation so that you win.  You may be managing your own website, or managing a client’s site.  Either way, you need winning SEO, Search Engine Optimisation.



These seven things will help you to be the SEO winner.


Highly targeted keywords.

Long Form content creation.

Engaging content

Digital Asset Consolidation.

Link reclamation.

Low hanging fruit keywords.



Let’s look at each of them individually:



Choose your words carefully.  Think about what you are trying to sell or market and look for the keyword phrase that embodies your product or company.  If it is a bakery, perhaps it is ‘fresh rye bread’.  If it is a travel company, ‘dream holiday honeymoon’ could work.   You want to use specific words that people will search (search engine optimisation) when looking for your product.  Some people refer to it as a ‘small universe of keywords.’  Find keyword phrases.  The people who win with SEO use clever keywords and keyword phrases, often group 25 to 50 targeted keywords together.


Long form and engaging content

You need to be creative with your content, engaging, relevant and smart.  Content should be smooth and easy to read and understand.  It does not have to be simple but it does not need to be super intellectual either.  It has to be catchy and inspiring.  Hire a content writer, or become the content writer by doing a Digital Marketing course, and learn how to do content properly.  Companies that win with SEO have catchy content.   Long form is also the way to go.  Longer, more catchy content is the way to go.  Changing content regularly is another SEO winning way.  Do blog posts on a regular basis, have new content for people to read but also so that you keep popping up online and so that you are easy to find.  And always, in your content or on your website, put customer reviews and testimonials and have good solid company FAQ’s online.


Note that the better your content the more Google will boost your website rankings.  If you have

a good site, use keywords and have great content, you will keep popping up as Number One under SEO.


Content by the way also includes your social media content.  Use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to always back up your website.   A blog is vital and remember a good blog is a long form blog, around 2500 words.


Digital Asset Consolidation

This may be a new term for you.  Digital Asset Consolidation means the ‘creation of an archive’.  It is developing a system or infrastructure to manage all your digital assets together; it is a search functionality that allows the user, the website customer, to easily locate your digital presence.  It could be videos, photographs and links to all your social media sights.  It is also something like a logo, necessary for digital marketing, and each database record explains the name of the file, the format and the information it carries.


Be wise.  If you have a website, which you need for SEO, make sure all the company information is there.  A gallery for current photographs, a gallery for older pics, a video button, and all the social media buttons.   There is also a cloud Digital Asset where things can be stored and which your clients can access.  The more information you give, the better the SEO becomes.  You win.


Link reclamation

This may also be a new term but it is vital for winning Search Engine Optimisation.  Find unlinked brand mentions for your site, or for your client.  Use search operators to find these brilliant links.  Reach out to the publication and ask them to link it to your or your client’ site.  It might be a newspaper or a magazine article and it may be an old blog.  Link it up, link up what you can, and see your traffic grow.


Low Hanging fruit keywords.

You need to go through your analytics and keyword data.  If this is something foreign to you, do a Digital Marketing Course.  Google Adwords and Adsense are helpful too although it can be a bit tricky to navigate. You can get Google Search Console and then  increase SEO by finding which keywords are ranked high but not yet focused on, and focus on them.  It may sound complicated but it is not.  You look page by page at the content that is generating traffic but not yet optimised.


Think back to the ‘bread’ analogy.  A low hanging fruit keyword could be ‘freshly baked rye bread’ which comes up a lot on page 2 of your site but is not yet optimised.  You learn to optimize it, your traffic grows, you win!



This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get an SEO boost.   By using a top level domain such as .com or .org will immediately help you to target International clients.  You can then set geographic targets on the Google Search Console, by using Google Ads, and target specific countries at specific times.  You learn not to target when Americans are sleeping or target them when you know they are browsing the net. You do the same with the Danish, or French, or obviously, your local community that you want to target.  It is not tricky, it just sometimes takes a bit of time to understand the system.


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