How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Environment of Digital Marketing?


How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Environment of Digital Marketing?

Now, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an important subject in digital marketing. AI-powered tools have started affecting all the digital marketing operations, whether its startup companies or large scale companies, they all are preferring AI-powered digital marketing tools to improve their campaign planning and decision making.

According to the many digital marketers, AI is improving all the areas where the prognostic analysis, decision making and efforts of automation is required, this strong change in demand has made AI tools- a booming market.

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How AI is adding value to digital marketer’s life?

Most of the digital marketers have found AI helpful in improving their productivity and even their efforts were reduced. They are trying hard to leverage AI for strategic planning and decision making. AI operated analytics tools provide better understandings for campaign management, planning of budget and ROI (Return on Investment) analysis. In a fraction of second, AI can gather insights from a load of structured and unstructured data sources.

The digital marketing strategy and business revenue are affected by all human interaction with a business.

Apparently, “brands who have recently adopted AI for marketing strategy, predict a 37 percent reduction in costs along with a 39 percent increase in revenue figures on an average by the end of 2020 alone.”

Understand the customers:

To understand the behaviour of customers and at the right time recommendation can be made with the help of Artificial Intelligence tools. Humans can’t calculate the large set of data better than a machine but a tool with numerous predefined conditions know how customer respond to a particular situation, videos or an ad copy.


Many questions can be answered with the help of Artificial Intelligence tools and insights can be collected. The questions like:

  • Where to find an audience?
  • How to interact with the audience?
  • What to send and how to send to the audience?
  • When to send a follow-up and what will be the correct time to connect to the audiences?

To make a campaign successful, customized content to the right audience at the right time should be recommended. Artificial Intelligence tools help digital marketer in decision making and better suggestions with a smart analysis pattern.

With the tools of Artificial Intelligence use of potential data is very simple and effective whereas nowadays, digital marketers are working hard to demonstrate the achievement of campaigns and content.

According to the reports by Albert and Forrester, 2019, it says that only 26% of the marketers are utilizing autonomous AI whereas 74% take more manual method with help from AI.

Every facet of digital marketing is getting changed by Artificial Intelligence techniques such as web optimization, audience targeting, analysis of audience interest, advance tracking and reporting, smart content writing and suggestion, etc.

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In digital marketing solutions, what will the major role play by Artificial Intelligence?


The major role played by Artificial Intelligence will be as follows:

i) Customer data management
ii) Analysis of customer behaviour and experience
iii) Predictive analysis

iv) Decision making and analysis of real-time data
v) Trend analysis for campaign planning
vi) Content marketing
vii) Voice search technology

viii) Native advertising

ix) Marketing automation
x) Smart pattern analysis

As per reports, “AI in digital marketing is poised to reach a global market of USD 21 billion by 2023, growing at a steady Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 26%.”

How to get ready for AI-based platforms and how to include AI in the strategy of digital marketing?

With great speed, the platforms of digital marketing technology are progressing therefore, some particular set of skills are required. If anyone wants to opt for smart marketing technology then they should start it from the initial level or scale and as they expand the limits can be increased.

Below there a few guidelines to prepare for digital marketing techniques which are as follows:

1) Artificial Intelligence impact on operations of digital marketing:

 The impact of Artificial Intelligence on digital marketing operations should be analyzed because it is not necessary that all the AI tools will be helpful. 

2) For digital marketing campaigns, different AI software should be evaluated:

 In today’s market, there are various tools available for each and every marketing activity. The potential platforms should be evaluated to increase the performance of campaigns. The companies should opt for demos, webinars to know about the tools and product documentation.

3) Leading company’s case studies should be followed:

The Company who have already executed the tools of AI in their digital marketing campaigns and showed substantial results, the case studies can be read and followed to know the effectiveness of the tools.

4) Go for industry-specific use-cases:

 The effectiveness of the AI tools can be understood by exploring the industry-specific use cases. They should know how they have executed the strategy and what the result was. 

5) Everyday new tools should be tried out:

The logic behind the use of tools should be understood by taking free demos, their potential should be explored and control the small marketing activities with the help of these tools. The correct strategy of digital marketing can be implemented after understanding all this.

6) Technical skills are also required:

 To integrate with digital marketing operations, some technical knowledge is required for AI-based tools. Hence, it is necessary to consult the technical team to get support and in-house expertise is much required.

7) Be innovative and experimental:

 To include AI in digital marketing strategy, the company should be creative in terms of incorporating the AI tools and current campaigns. They should know how to experiment with something new so that campaign performance can be boosted.

8) Connect with agencies:

 To run the successful digital marketing campaigns, some creative agencies have already worked the advanced tools, they can be contacted to partner with them to get access to the insights.


Therefore, it is expected that AI will change the environment of digital marketing and in future, it will keep growing. The time has come that the company should start learning it fast because AI speed is increasing. AI will surely be a helping hand to digital marketers.

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