Digital Marketing and Lead Generation


Digital Marketing and Lead Generation

A primary fact that every businessman is aware of is continuous lead generation results into higher sales. An average person checks their smartphone more than a 70 times in a day just to socialize so this increases the chances of a fresh lead to attract masses towards the companies. People are all set to pay for the services or products they get introduced to which they were looking for and are also meeting their requirements. In most industries, 10% of new leads make a purchase. Now companies, whether small or large, are looking to increase their lead through digital marketing because clearly higher the lead generation, higher would be the revenue.


Digital marketing is proving to be a game changer for a various reasons. Some of them are described below.

Digital Marketing Is Cost-Effective

Digital marketing lets the company to save up a lot as compared to the fortune that needs to be spent while preparing traditional marketing campaigns as it involves printing, TV, and radio. Despite all this expense traditional marketing doesn’t guarantee to deliver what’s expected of it.


The message of such a campaign reaches to masses who are not even interested in purchasing that product as they are not the right target market for it. This makes the traditional campaigns painfully inefficient and unjustified for the expense. On the other hand, digital marketing reaches to narrow audience who is the actual target market of the campaign. While drafting a digital marketing campaign a few intelligent steps are followed to make sure the campaign reaches only to the targeted segment. Firstly traits of people who are likely to buy the products or service are identified and then they are reached. It not only cuts the cost but also deliver the expected results. Digital market makes it easier for the companies to attract the loyal customers.


Previously the only way to aware consumers about a brand was through TV, magazine, radio, or newspaper. But not everyone could afford this media so there were not a lot of brands in the consciousness of consumers. Digital media has allowed many brands to advertise themselves to the consumers and achieve tremendous success.

Everyone Is Addicted To Smartphones

Smartphone addiction has become so common. Statistics show that an average person looks at his phone 70 times a day. Young people spend more time online then with friends or family. Across rural and urban India, people of all ages use smartphone to socialize at least 1 hour per day. Almost 30 crore Indians own a smartphone which are always connected to the internet as internet is affordable for everyone now. This makes online platforms an ideal way to reach the consumers and therefore digital marketing becomes very effective in lead generation as target markets of all the brands can be reached daily.

Effectiveness of Digital Campaigns Can Be Measured Easily

A company can spend lacs or millions on a traditional campaigns but it still cannot make it to show accurate data about the sentiments of consumers regarding the brand advertised. Data presented through traditional campaigns is always going to be vague and inaccurate due to targeting high masses which just creates a fuss and never lets the brands to get an authentic feedback.


Over the years, many companies have spent fortunes over traditional advertising but could never get the desired results but now digital marketing has changed the game with its precise metrics which reveals its effectiveness in real-time. The real-time tracking feature of digital marketing lets the companies tweak any unsuccessful campaign and repeat a successful one.


The ROI of these campaigns can be measured to the last rupee. And since digital marketing campaigns are so much affordable, a brand can run a multiple campaigns at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing campaigns.

Experts Understand Conceptualizing & Executing Campaigns

Another reason for digital marketing being economical is that it doesn’t require a large team to implement or execute campaigns. Even though it doesn’t require a team to execute a digital campaign it still requires expertise in conceptualizing and managing a digital marketing campaign for it to be a success.


A lot of competent digital marketers are experts in creating successful campaigns. A company should hire such a competent digital marketer and benefit from the skills they possess to generate ample leads. Both small and large companies benefit from digital marketing. Companies not only create the campaigns to get the maximum engagement but also to reveal consumers sentiments about their brands by getting the feedback as soon as the campaigns are posted.


It no more remains hard for small businesses to grow big and be very successful in short period of time if they thoughtfully implement and execute their digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Campaigns Offer Variety Of Platforms

Smart presence on social media can help businesses to grow organically. Those who do not want to spend on marketing campaigns can grow organically by being relevant and using an organic marketing strategy that highlights their brand without having them to spend money. If the strategy is well-executed it will spread the message to the audience seamlessly. A content creator can create a series of blogposts which can be marketed by a social media marketer.


But most companies find paid campaigns more suitable for their businesses. There is a vast variety of options to choose from. It encompasses all marketing efforts that use different digital channels like search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with current or potential customers.


There are two ways you can apply handle this Digital Marketing lead generation things. Either you  need to get trained yourself with latest Digital Marketing Course curriculum or you need to hire  Digital Marketing agency  which can do the things for you and and you can rest and watch the progress.


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Brands and organizations are strongly visible through digital marketing. In today’s era consumers want answers to their product related problems and digital marketing is letting the consumers to develop perceived knowledge about these brands while looking at the leads and learning from their experience. A trust is being built online and brands are receiving swift feedbacks in real-time. Word of mouth and recommendations from the trusted connections are helping consumers to make active decisions about purchasing.