Web designing is the process which can be included in sciences as well as in arts. It is the diverse as well as the technical process that require the high skills and concentration. In web designing half of the work includes the sounds, coding and designing of the web while the remaining work or the process include the ability of the individual to understand the thing without any proof of what looks good and what not. The next half includes the overall view and the physical arrangement of the web. The web developer make the web’s base or a core strong and concrete so that it can compete and stays on its place even if the number of competitors come in the market.
To develop the strong core or the fundamentals there may or surely need an experience, education, (formal and informal both) to make it work out effectively. To make it an effective and competitive designing it is important to give a tough competition to one self by coming out of your comfort zone. By doing so the hard work pays and as a result the client come by their own rather than making struggle to increase the numbers of client. There are certain fundamentals that every individual needs to account for in order to make their designing effective and worthwhile.


The process of developing a new website is not related to just web design, but it intersect with graphics design. For perfect and sophisticated design, the developer should know the very basics of designing. Learning the both domains web designing and graphics designing is one of the best idea for any web designer. Some of these principles are discussed below:


When we visit any website the first thing we notice is Color. Color is soul of web design, it is directly related to mood and feeling of visitor. It play an important role in establishing the main theme and idea of an effective design. Apart from that, it also depends on the mental well being of website visitor, where he is influenced by color scheme used by web designer.


In a graphics designing the visual movement of visitor as he involves in site with time is also known as flow. It consisted of appropriate use of depth, color theme, shapes, lines and hierarchy. It shows how a visitor will interpret the component of flow such as perspective, spacing, scroll bars and directions.

Balance and proportion

The equability and stability of any design or theme is known as balance. Proportion is the comparison between elements to feel the theme used in website construction. It can be achieved by using two ways: Symmetrically and asymmetrically.


Spacing is the area of theme between to elements. It includes the distance between the visual object, button or content. The spacing is very important and it greatly depends upon the psychology of the site visitor. Best websites with experience and many years and different users always concentrate on the proper spacing of the website. In a nut shell, reading content from well-spaced website is easy as pie for many users thus it is the best act of balance.


Comprehending the basics of HTML is very important for any web designer. Knowing the HTML is directly related to coding. Some web designers think that knowing HTML has nothing to do with coding but some professionals think that it is important to have basic knowledge of coding. In a nut shell, a real wen designer should know basics at least.

Being the elementary component of all web pages, HTML should be known to all web developers and they should be well informed about knowing HTML. With the lack of knowledge, web developer will be unable to create a worthy, flexible and user-friendly website. Apart from that, if any developer knows basics of coding he can create a website for demonstration and can easily provide his services to clients. This approach will help to judge your own abilities, and capability to design any website.


If you are web designer you will be asked to do many other things apart from designing, such as your client may asked you to create copy for website. This situation is common for those who don’t have any copywriters. This is understandable that if you have skills you would be more, if you have Copywriting services this will attractive for your clients and they will pay you more and it is your right to do so.

Real Copy writing is the not something you can do while designing website for your client. You have to understand the fact that effective copy writing is a valuable skill as web designer and it is very important when you are talking about advertisement of your products and services.


“Next time it will be better” is the phrase you should realize being web designer. With the passage of time you learn new thinks and more skills will be added to your profile, which will attract more clients towards your services. Also, it will increase the capabilities, creativity and largely your desire for web designing will be increased.

Learning different skills is continuous process, societies are changing, mental behavior of people are changing, requirements are changing and the utmost thing is that trends are changing in web designing with time. Themes used years ago are not worthy of using in present, to understand this take example of parallax scrolling and flat design which were used years ago , now web designers are using comprehensive design that is “ Material Design”. As discussed earlier, new trends are always emerging with time and as designer you should always be on top, if not your job career will be doomed.


Earning online is emerging approach which is related to the freelancing. In professional time period web designers work online on freelance.com once in their career. So this is clear that for earning more you have to learn all the basic skills of business and be effective entrepreneur. Being entrepreneur, this most valued service which you sell is your talent of web designing.

A good entrepreneur must know how to deal with his clients and should be confident, determined and good communicator. All these qualities must be in web developer to run his business. In mean time you will learn how to handle different task and also will know which skills are needed to being a creative designer with the practical ability to make some money with advancement in career.


The web designing is the art or the work in which the individual has the strong relation with the client. In the client base work the communication skills of an individual should be strong and understandable to the client. In the client base system the client tells the needs and demand of his own and it makes an individual restricted to work in the boundaries and to be productive and effective while working in these boundaries. To work productively in the boundaries it  is important to listen to the client attentively .if you have a good listening skills, this will makes you to make or design the web in the way your client want .but if you are not a good listener this will affect the overall image and result in the loss of the business. This will make the image of disrespect and distrust on your customer.


In every business or trade the individual or an organization main aim is to be on the top of success or be on their highest peak .but the individual is unable to reach to that peak place by overnight or by the struggle of few days, it require the struggle and the hard work of years with full determination and self-improvement. If the individual is highly considerate and compassionate then it will lead to the highest peak by his own worth rather than making struggle to attract the customers by other means and to reach on that spot. Web designing is the field that is developing and going its way success. But the main aim should be considerate compassionate and determine to one work .an individual is said to be a good web designer when he give himself a tough competition by going out from his comfort level to satisfy his customer. This all can be done by understanding the master skills that are required to be a good web designer.

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