6 Necessary Tips on How to Become a Full Stack Developer


6 Necessary Tips on How to Become a Full Stack Developer

6 Necessary Tips on How to Become a Full Stack Developer

Want to become a full-stack developer, but how?

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There is one topic on which the discussions have never stopped and it is the hottest topics. Many people have put their job title as a full stack developer on Facebook and LinkedIn. Apart from that, the full stack title has become a new trend in jobs. The full-stack developer or designers are getting appreciation and criticize too. According to some people, full-stack is only a title. The main focus should be on the person’s real ability and technology.

Full-stack developers have become a debatable topic in the technology industry. It is very important to have the skills of the full-stack developer and not just a title.

Without wasting any more time, let’s jump into the topic.

What is a full-stack developer?

Before we take a look at how to become a full-stack developer, first we should know that what you mean by a full stack developer.

In simple words, we can define a full stack developer is that a person who is an expert on a variety of skills and use that skills to complete or develop a product without any help from others.

A full-stack developer performs the job of two developers:

First, a front-end developer (the visible parts of an application or website which the users sees and uses).

Second, a back-end developer (the application which functions behind the scenes and fulfils the command issued by the user which includes database-related processes, logical processes, server configuration, validation of user, etc.)

An engineer who can manage all the work such as servers, systems engineering, databases and clients is called a full stack developer.

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Why has the full stack developer been discussed?

The discussion about full stack developer is a debatable topic because of the required skills involved. A Facebook engineer said at the OSCON conference that they hire full-stack developer only which resulted in it a hot topic.

As everyone knows that every coin has its two sides. Likewise, there is advantages and disadvantages of a full stack developer as well. The advantages and disadvantages of being a full stack developer are as follows:


With their wide range of techniques, the full-stack developer can rapidly make a sample design for a product. They can always have their opinion towards the design or product because they know other techniques also. They have a mindset which is much active and their angle of views are wide enough.

Another advantage is that they help everyone in the team which will result in a reduction of time and technical costs also. Therefore, in start-up companies, they become technical partners or an entrepreneur.


The main disadvantages of being a full stack developer are that they have little knowledge about the multiple skills but still claim themselves as a full stack developer. Some of them cannot be an expert in one skill because of horizontal technology development.

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But how to become a full-stack developer?

1) Programming Languages:

A full-stack developer must learn necessary programming languages. They need to be an expert in several programming languages such as Java, PHP, Python, C#, Perl, Ruby etc. Most of the core business processes need to be written in these languages. They have to be acquainted with how to structure, design, execution and testing of the project based on one or more languages.

2) Use development frameworks and third-party libraries:

The popular development languages usually go with good development frameworks such as Java Spring, PHP, Hibernate, Python Django, Node.js express and many more.

3) Front-end technology:

Nowadays, for project and product development, front-end technologies have become important. For the success of a product, the user experience is also an important part. All this depends on the front-end implementation. Therefore, it is important to be proficient in front-end technology such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS 3. Front-end frameworks or third-party libraries such as JQuery, AngularJS, React, SASS or LESS need to be studied.

4) Database and Cache:

A full-stack developer needs to have knowledge about one or more database and they must know how to interact with the database. To store data, any project or product needs a database. Some of the popular databases are MySQL, Oracle, Mongo DB, SQL Server and so on. For internet products, Mongo DB is being widely used as a document-type database. For caching to improve system performance, Redis can be used.

5) Essential design ability:

There are few discussions or articles about the full stack developer related to the design requirement. The design skill is also essential, the principle and skill of basic design must be understood. User interface and user experience design should also be considered.

6) Self- requirement:

Some more essential factors are required for a full-stack developer. There are as follows:

i) Creativity

ii) Time management

iii) Good communications are required

iv) Global thinking


To become a full-stack developer is not an easy just task. Initially, it requires a lot of effort. As the experience increases, it makes the process easier. It is not about learning the front-end and back-end technologies but having a complete understanding of these two areas and to make the easy and smooth communication between these two areas.

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