10 reasons why you should use OpenCart


10 reasons why you should use OpenCart

OpenCart Development is one of the best developments for webpages. Many people in the world use OpenCart Development for all their website purposes. Here we will look at the 10 reasons why you should use OpenCart for your website development purposes.

1 . Supports many categories

OpenCart supports categories, sub categories, individual products, reviews, shipping handling and many more open source carts compared to Magento.

2 . No need for special knowledge

It is easy to set up and work with OpenCart. There is no need for a heavy knowledge on the subject and a person could catch up with it in an hour, it has been made easy for the developer.

3 . Ease of use

Ease of use for the client. This could also be known as usability. If your website is not usable then it will be a huge problem. Through OpenCart your websites are made extremely usable for the user so that they could edit the features in the webpage.

4 . Many templates to choose

OpenCart Comes with a wide selection of templates and it is easy to use. For those who do not have a knowledge on HTML and CSS they will find this feature quite helping them to do development.

5 . Extensions which are available

Extensions are important in any webpage. This is because if you have the best extensions then you are bound for a good catch as visitors will be amused by the extensions you use in your page. One of the famous extensions is the multiple language extension where it could help to translate the page into many different languages. Through this you are able to catch the attention of the international audience.

6 . Major support community

There is a huge support group of online community which is available for OpenCart. If you have any questions regarding your development, then you could always ask for them. They will be happy to help you in all your needs.

7 . Open source environment

With the open source feature, you are able to modify the whole system and make changes wherever you want it to happen.

8 . Model and view the controller

There is also another feature in OpenCart development where you get to model view the controller. This is an important and useful structure for you. Many airline website and other websites which are associated with payments are using this feature as through this you are able to see the live calculation of products.

9 . Tagging feature

Through OpenCart you are able to develop out of the box websites. You could include tagging features, Meta keywords and SEO related services which help your webpage to stay in the top list of search engine rankings.

10. Free of charge for everyone

The final reason as to why you should use open cart development is because it is free and there are no additional charges which are included with it.

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