10 Reasons why one should learn AngularJS


10 Reasons why one should learn AngularJS

angular JS1. Maintained and developed by Google and Powered by Microsoft:

Angular is developed and maintained by Internet giant Google. Unlike other frameworks which are either developed by community or individual, this framework is brainchild of Google developer. So, if any developer learns it, he is sure that it’s going to stay for long. The prime language for developing Angular2 applications are TypeScript which is developed and maintained by Microsoft. When two top-notch companies are behind this framework, you can understand its future.

2. Component & Module based:

Angualr2 module is block of code which is created for a specific purpose. And any individual module exports value, function or a class which other modules can import and make use of it. In fact, the angular framework itself is the collection of library modules. Also, component is one of the essential parts of Angular2. Using component one can make the code which is reusable. Component is mainly a JavaScript class with some metadata attached to it.   That metadata tells how to process any particular class.  For example in our metadata we might have the HTML which is going to be the view for our component and in our class we can have the logic that is going to influence the particular view. In metadata, we can also have CSS.

3. MVC Architecture:

Angularjs follows popular MVC pattern. MVC is the terms which are used to divide the code login into Model View and controller system. Though Angular2 removes the concept of controller and brought component. Angular does not follow traditional MVC pattern but it follows MVVM (Model-View-Viewmodel) design pattern.

4. Directives Define Behaviour:

In Agular, there is concept of Directives. Directives are powerful code using which the developer can write custom code and can control the behaviour of applications. Directives can do what plain HTML cannot do. Directives extend the functionality of HTML. For example, by default, HTML cannot even add two plus two and show the result. But the same HTML starts behaving as logical programing language with directives.  For example, the developer can use ngFor for loping the content same as ‘for loop’ of any programing language. There is wide range of directives to choose for the developers.

5. Two-way Data Binding Reduces a Ton of Boilerplate:

Two way data binding is unique feature of Anguarjs through which if data is inserted at one place of Model(HTML Input , like text box and text area) it gets changed instantly at view and vice-versa.  In traditional MVC model, the developer has to manually write code into Modesl to operate data and show it into view, which generate a lot of boilerplate code. On the other hand Angular’s two-way data binding functionality binds models to HTML elements which save developers from writing any unnecessary code.

6. DOM manipulations:

In traditional way, the view extends the DOM to display data and manipulates the DOM to embed behaviour, In short, the behaviours code is explicitly written. On the contrary of that, the manipulation code of DOM in Angular is written in ng directives rather than in the view. That way, angular treats the view as normal HTML code which acts as the holder of the data and that’s the reason it gets integrated into HTML beautifully. The benefit is that, the UI developers have to focus on design view rather than the behaviour logic. For example ngClick’s behaviour is written inside it and the developer does not have to write code body of ngClick behaviour.

7. Excellent Pipe Operators or Filters:

Angular comes with great feature called Angular Pipes. Using Angular Pipe filter, developer can controller the data display directly into the HTML view. There are bunch of AngularJs filters which proves to be very handy for the developers to format the data and display. Showing currency, changing case, searching data based on user input.  Sort data into ascending and descending order. Filters can be used in services, models and view templates also.  Not only that, developers can also write their own custom filters and use that into the application.
Data tables can be sorted with ease without using of Jquery or JavaScript.

8. Data Models are POJO:

This is also one of the important features of Angular. Its data model is in plain Old JavaScript object. The advantage is that one does not need to write external code for getter and setter of functions to integrate into existing data source. That makes the code clean because there is no need of writing boilerplate code which helps in maintaining the code easy.

9. Custom Styling:

Angular2 provides great way of styling the component. Either one can write global CSS or component specific style. Inline style can be also written inside template.

 10. It’s Object-Oriented with Typescript:

Typescript is the main language which is used for writing Angular2 Code. Typescript is superscript of JavaScript which optional statically typed language. Typescript uses Object-Oriented features. Class can contain properties, methods which can be called into view when need be.

11. Visual Studio IDE with intelligence :

The best editor for writing Typescript code for  Angular is visual Studio. One can work on community version of Visual studio which is free. If one writes code into Visual Studio, it has great features of intellisense through which one does not need to write full code. This makes the coding faster and saves the time and effort.


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