10 Reasons why one should choose Digital Marketing as a career


10 Reasons why one should choose Digital Marketing as a career

Digital Marketing is a great career-oriented course. One almost cannot imagine an organization or any other form of business thrive without taking help of Digital Marketing. Whiter its small shop, small business or the large one, Digital Marketing has been embraced by all business groups. Various online tutorials, books and other forms of knowledge base are also available to learn about this Digital Marketing techniques.


Acesoftech Academy is one of the prominent  Digital Marketing Training institute in Kolkata, India which provides advanced and Industrial Digital Marketing Training in Kolkata as well as  the same course can be learnt from anywhere in the world through online Digital Marketing course.


Before taking any course, as a student there are thousands of questions in the mind. Like, is this a career oriented course?, Is this a long lasting course? Is this a good paying course etc.? To answer these types of questions I have given ten points why you should learn Digital marketing course.


I am writing below points based on my own experience. I have been working on Digital marketing for more than last 12 years and am trying my best to share the info.

1. Demand Supply Gap

There is huge demand of Digital marketing executives, managers and social media marketing strategist in the
market. If you are a professional Digital Marketer, you need not worry about the job now-a-days. When recession hit the world, all forms of offline marketing was badly affected because that was costly and companies/organizations could not afford that. But, digital marketing proved to be boon because its place independent as well as cost-effective.The supply of quality Digital marketer is less as compared to the demand of the industry.

2. Course for all starting from 12th Pass

Just imagine if you are an Arts or Commerce student and you started to learn JAVA, C++ or other programing
language and start working as a professional in 3 months? Very difficult. Even core JAVA cannot be completed in that time-frame forget about earning after learning the course. IF you want to be a PHP/ASP.net developer, you have to be from IT background like B.Tech. BCA etc. But in case of Digital marketing, even 12th pass students, Arts or Commerce graduate can learn this course and start earning in 3-4 months.

3. High paying JOB

As compared to other job Market, Digital Marketing is a high-paying job industry. Career growth is also very good. If you are a 3-4 years experienced Digital Marketing professional, you can draw a decent salary of Rs.35,000 to Rs.45,000 in India. Increment is very good in this industry. You can check here top 5 highest paying jobs in Digital marketing. https://www.mondo.com/highest-paying-digitalmarketing-jobs-2017

4. Add weight-age in your resume

If you are from computer background and looking for job, it would be hard to get job. But, if you have learnt Digital marketing and mentioned that in your resume, it’s most likely that your resume will have more weightage and the chances of hiring will increase many fold. The reason is that Digital marketing is collection of various online techniques and tools like social media marketing, PPC, video marketing and SEO. All companies now-a-days require all or any of these medias to promote their business.


Gone are the days when if one would complete MBA and would get job soon. The time has changed and apart from BBA or MBA one has to know Digital Marketing also. The reason is simple. MBA course curriculum is not updated and in sync with the current in dusty standard. So there is gap the knowledge the MBA students and the current industry requires. To supplement this gap one need to learn Digital marketing.


It’s my personal experience and I have taught several students that had done MBA but were not fit for job. But after doing Digital Marketing, they got decent job and are working in the industry.

6. Freelance Opportunities

Unlike other industries, Digital marketing has a lot of opportunities. Not only jobs, one can earn as a freelancer Digital Marketer and earn handsome amount of money. In our Digital Marketing course, you can see we have included freelance and bidding course also where one can earn as a freelancer after learning the course. So, if one is housewife or one does not have time to join job. Or one is already doing other job, but want to augment income doing freelance work, this course will prove very beneficial.

7. Promote/Monitor your own business easily

If you have your own business and want to promote your business yourself because of budget, this course will prove to be boon for you. You can learn this Digital marketing course and apply the same knowledge for promoting your business through online process.


If you know Digital Marketing and do not have time, you can assign the task to any agency. In this case also, you will be not in loss because you yourself know how Digital marketing works, how much does this cost. So, the next time no Digital marketing agency can dupe you .

8. High Growth

The growth rate of Digital Marketing in India is approx. 12% in 2016, 14% in 2017–18 & 24%-37% growth rate will be expected in 2020–2021. With recent increase in internet uses after huge cutting in price of Mobile data particularly Jio waves, the scenario has changed altogether. And there is sharp increase of Digital uses. More and more business are seeking professional Digital marketing agencies. This way, the future and career growth of Digital Marketing is bright.

9. Stay ahead with your competitors

There might few companies or businesses which might be doing very good with offline marketing. But wiser are those companies which have already adopted Digital marketing. Since Digital marketing is very cost effective, more and more businesses are turning towards this new technologies rather than spending huge amount of money on traditional marketing like banners, hoardings and TV ads etc.

10. Certification

After completing Digital marketing, you can do certification also.All for free of cost. Goole provides certification on Digital Display, AdWord and Analytics also. Once you become Google certified, you will receive certificate as well as you will get ‘Google Certified’ in your Gmail profile. Also, you can mention that in your CV. Passing those exams are not very difficult also.


Apart from that, there is Facebook certification also. It’s called Facebook blueprint. Once you pass the exam, they also provides certificate.


If you have certificate from Google and Facebook, you can imagine the weightage that you will get in your CV.


So, the conclusive point is that, there is sharp increase in demand of Digital marketing professionals. There is demand and supply gap in the arena of Digital Marketing. It’s easy to learn also. One does not have to be Hi-Tech IT background to be a Digital marketer. Even as low as 12th pas can do this course.


This course is very good career supplement for those who have done MBA or BBA because the current curriculum of MBA and BBA of Indian educational institutions outdate and old.


If anyone has problem in doing job or want to start their own company, Digital marketing course is very good for them. There are excellent earing opportunities for those candidates.


There are several Training organizations in India which provides Digital marketing training, but our organization Acesoftech Academy provides Advanced and Industrial Digital Marketing course which is updated. If you are thinking to join best Digital Marketing Training institute in Kolkata, Acesoftech Academy will be your first choice.