10 reasons as to why Drupal is the best CMS


10 reasons as to why Drupal is the best CMS

Drupal is known as a CMS language. CMS is known for Content Management System. This is an easy programming structure to learn. The tools are given and you will be learning while you are developing through Drupal. We could also say that it is a flexible language. For developers, they prefer Drupal as the tool sets are provided for them. The main advantage is that if a person does not understand PHP coding, they are still able to design and develop websites by using Drupal. We could take a look at the 10 reasons as to why Drupal is the best CMS.

1 . Recognition of search engines

The first reason is because DRUPAL websites are recognized by search engines and they are optimized. This is an advantage comparing with other blog sites such as blogger and WordPress. When you create a website using Drupal, you are given a custom URL. You could set it for automatic generation and Search Friendly URL. In WordPress you are basically limited to a permalink.

2. Customizable content

Custom Content is the second reason why Drupal is the best CMS. You do not need to write any code when you can use the custom content. Sounds convincing much? You only need to use the toolbars and then drag and drop and you are ready to go.

3 . Easy to Edit feature

Drupal is easy to edit. Mistakes could happen anytime for anyone. Even the most professional companies make mistakes when they develop websites. With the editing feature in Drupal it allows the user to save the latest version of the website whenever the website is developed.

4 . Add tags and categorize content

Another amazing feature in Drupal is that the content could be categorized and tags the content. This is called taxonomy.

5 . Easy to manage multiple users

Fifthly it is easy to manage multiple users. Drupal could be used for multiple based websites. This also has the capability of strong user role and access control functionality. This is because there are no limits for the amount of users that could control the content.

6 . Page name on title bar

Page titles come in as the sixth reason. This is an important factor in any webpage. The title of the page and the summary of the page help Search Engines to pick up your page. Through the page title visitors could know that they are at the correct place, displays the browser in the title bar and many more.

7 . Integration with analytics

Through this it has better integration as it combines with Google analytics. Since Drupal combines well with Drupal, you are able to see the users logged in and also the analytics behind your site.

8 . A large support community

Currently Drupal has the largest community of developers and that’s what has made Drupal one of the best CMS in the world. Since the community is so large you could find for assistance from around the world for all your help.

9 . Large amount of Free Plug-ins

The best keeps on getting better as the plug-ins, themes and many other things are free for all Drupal developers. All of these are available from the Drupal Website.

10 . Easy access of help and details online

Finally anyone could use Drupal in developing a webpage. You could download Drupal and then use a step by step module to find your path of success through Drupal.

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