10 Exciting Features of WordPress


10 Exciting Features of WordPress

10 Exciting Features of WordPress

WordPress is an open-source content system management (CMS) which is based on PHP and MYSQL. In simple words, WordPress is used to create a website or a blog and it is very popular in technology’s world. To create any website or a blog, knowledge of programming language is not necessary.

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WordPress can be used to create several types of websites such as follows:

i) Business websites

ii) Blogs

iii) E-Commerce stores

iv) Social networks

v) Forums

vi) Portfolios

vii) Membership sites

viii) Resumes

WordPress is popular because of its features and it is continuously modifying its features.

Some of its exciting features are as follows:

1) Show/ Hide Items Using Screen Options:

In the WordPress admin page, there is a Screen Options button. This button enables to show or hide items on the WordPress admin screen which are been viewed currently. This feature allows us to simplify the admin pages like post edit screen to meet the workflow.  The Screen Options tab is located in the upper right corner of the page.

Show/ Hide Items Using Screen Options

2) URL can be added to Make Links in Visual Editor:

Any URL can be added to any text in the article. This inline link editing in the visual editor was introduced in WordPress 4.5.  It can be added by clicking on the link button or press CTRL+K to insert or edit link and press CTRL+V (On Mac press Command+V) to paste the URL. Then automatically the visual editor converts it into a link.insert or edit link

3) Accessibility Mode for Widgets:

In WordPress, the accessibility mode for widgets can be enabled by clicking on the Screen Options button then on the left side Appearance option will come after that click on the Widgets option. With this WordPress makes it easy to add widgets without dragging and dropping the items.

Accessibility Mode for Widgets

4) Dashboard Widgets can Move, Add, or Delete:

When logged in WordPress admin, by default users are redirected to the dashboard page. It has several useful shortcuts which point to different sections of the website, which are segregated into different boxes called dashboard widgets. Another way is to click on the Screen Options button to show or hide these boxes. The items on the WordPress dashboard can be easily dragged and dropped to reposition the items.

Dashboard Widgets can Move, Add, or Delete

5) Editing of Image:

Adding or editing an image is an easy task in WordPress. If anybody wants to add images to their post or pages, they can easily to do. There are some editing options. The images can be rotated or flipped it in vertical or horizontal directions. It can also resize an image.

edit images

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6) Embed Links, Multimedia and Videos:

As we have seen that adding or editing an image is very easy in WordPress, but what about videos or multimedia?

Videos and multimedia can be easily added to a page or post. Videos from popular sites such as YouTube, Instagram or Twitter can be added, WordPress embeds the content from these sites automatically. This feature was enabled in WordPress version 4.4. To insert the video, all we need to do is that:

Go to the Video and copying the embed code from the Share option.
Click on the Insert button > Media > Embed code.

add URL for video


pasting of Embed code

Then paste the code copied after selecting the Embed option.

7) Single Post can be Split into Multiple Pages:

The feature of splitting a single post into multiple pages is available. If the post is too lengthy then it can be split into several pages in a much easy way. Just add <!–nextpage–>in the post where there will be split. This will result in splitting of a single post in multiple pages as per the length or requirement. If pagination is not shown for some reason, then add the following code in the single.phploop.

Single Post can be Split into Multiple Pages

All this code must be added in the Text view and not in Visual view.


code must be added in Text view

8) Preview Themes without Activating:

This feature of WordPress is very good for the users because it gives the facility of previewing a theme without activating it. Everybody wants their website look to be attractive and themes make it possible. Some themes are available without any charge. Move the mouse to the newly installed theme’s thumbnail and then select on the Live Preview button to preview the theme for the site.

Preview Themes

9) Markdown and Keyboard Shortcuts enables Fast writing:

WordPress is generally used for writing content and keeping this in mind, the WordPress developers are constantly trying to improve the writing experience. There are lots of keyboard shortcuts to enable fast writing. WordPress can convert the formatting shortcuts into HTML. Some of the shortcuts are as follows: For Heading 1, press SHIFT+ALT+1 For Heading 2, press SHIFT+ALT+2 For Paragraph, press SHIFT+ALT+7 For Block Quote, press SHIFT+ALT+Q

10) Hidden Secret Options Page:

In WordPress, there is some hidden master page for all the blog options. It is hidden because the users can easily mess up things and to avoid this, there is a hidden secret options page. If anyone wants to check it then they can visit this URL: http://example.com/wp-admin/options.php

Instead of example.com, put the domain name and a long list of options will appear.

Hidden Secret Options Page


In this article, we have seen some exciting features of WordPress. These were the 10 interesting features which the writing and editing process much easier. With these features, images can be added and it can resize edited also. Video from other sites can be added. There are some keyboard shortcuts also which reduces the clicking method. Therefore, it is important to learn WordPress to create an interesting website or blog. Learn advanced WordPress course in Kolkata from the best WordPress training institute in Kolkata, so that they teach the students from basics to advanced level.