10 Best Programming Language to Learn in 2019


10 Best Programming Language to Learn in 2019

In the technology world, there are many programming languages. Each programming language has its speciality. A programming language which is old in the technology world becomes outdated and new programming are launched with unique features and to meet the demand of the market.

Here we are listing top 10 trending programming languages which should be learnt to become an expert.

1) Python

Python has become one of the trending programming languages in the I.T sector. It was developed by Guido van Rossum and it was first released in the year 1991.


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Some of its features are as follows:


i) Easy: The syntax of Python is very easy as compared to other programming languages like C++ and Java. It is easy to write and read the codes. Python is considered as a high-level language.

ii) Expressive: Python provides with numerous of constructs which helps to focus on the solution rather than on syntax.

iii) Free and Open-source: Python is available free and it is open-source on the internet.
iv) Object-Oriented: Both object-oriented and procedure-oriented programming is supported by Python, which makes it one of the important features. Multiple-inheritance is also supported by Python.

v) High-level: Python is programmer-friendly because the programmers don’t need to remember the architecture or manage the memory which makes it a high-level programming language.


i) Extensive libraries
ii) Simple and easy
iii) Extensible
iv) Improved Productivity
v) Object-oriented


i) Weak in browsers and mobile computing
ii) Underdeveloped database access layers
iii) Restrictions in designs
iv) Speed limitations

Applications/Usage: Python is widely used in machine learning space and Artificial Intelligence (AI), business applications, numeric and scientific applications, web and internet development, and desktop GUIs.

Salary: In the U.S, the average salary for a Python developer is $114,383 per year.

2) Java

Java is a class-based programming language and this programming language is in the technology industry from the past 20 years. It was designed by James Gosling and its concept is ‘Write once and Run anywhere’. Java is platform-independent.

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Features of Java are as follows:


i) Simple and Secure: It is easy to learn and it is much secured also. Tamper-free and virus-free applications can be developed by Java.

ii) Object-oriented: Everything in Java is object-oriented which makes it easy to extend.

iii) Platform Independent: Java is platform-independent which means the code needs to be written once and it can run on other machines as well.

iv) Portable: Java is portable because the Java bytecode can be carried to any platform.

v) Robust: This programming language is robust because security problems are avoided because there is a lack of pointers and strong memory management is used.


i) Simple and Secure
ii) Distributed
iii) Multithreaded
iv) Platform Independent
v) Object-oriented


i) Slow performance
ii) Single-paradigm language
iii) Memory management


Applications/Usage: Java is mostly used for developing web applications, Big data and android applications.


Salary: In the U.S, the average salary for a Java developer is $101,013 per year.

3) R

R is a programming language which was developed in 1993 by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka and it owns an extensive catalog of graphical and statistical methods which includes time series, linear regression, and machine learning algorithm. Companies like Google, Facebook, Airbnb and Uber are using this programming language. In the R programming language, data analysis is done in a series of steps which are as follows:
a) Programming
b) Transforming
c) Discovering
d) Modeling
e) Communicate the results

Features of R are as follows:

i) Simple and Effective: R is an effective and simple programming language. It is well-developed and software for data analysis.

ii) Open-source: It is open-source and free.

iii) Large and built-in set of tools: R has a large and built-in set of tools used for data analysis. These tools are uniformed.

iv) Well-designed: R is an easy language which has the concepts of looping, various I/O facilities, user-defined recursive procedures and conditionals. It is a well-designed programming language.

v) Highly-extensible: It has highly-extensible graphical techniques.


i) Open-Source
ii) The array of packages
iii) Machine learning operations
iv) Platform Independent
v) Exemplary support for data wrangling


i) Complicated language
ii) Basic security
iii) Weak origin
iv) Data handling
v) Lesser speed

Applications/Usage: It is used in machine learning, data science projects, statistical computing and banking sectors.


Salary: In the U.S, the average salary for R developer is $ 90,042 to $136,616 per year.

4) JavaScript

The most preferred programming language is JavaScript and in front-end development, it plays an important role. Both CSS and HTML can be updated and modified. It is mainly used for improving a user with the webpage.

Features of JavaScript

i) Validating User’s Input: JavaScript has the ability to validate user input for errors and it also saves time. Before sending the data over to the server, JavaScript checks it.

ii) Platform Independent: The problem of compilation and compatibility is solved by JavaScript because browsers interpret JavaScript.

iii) Handling Time and Date: To determine the time and date, JavaScript has built-in functions and the code is very easy. By using methods like .getDate(), date and time can be determined.

iv) Greater Control: To the browser, greater control is provided by JavaScript. It provides several browsers with additional functionalities which helps to reduce network traffic and server load.

v) Simple Client-side Calculations: JavaScript can perform basic calculations on the browser because it is a client-side technology.


i) Richer interface
ii) Increased interactivity
iii) Less server interaction
iv) Extended functionality
v) Versatility


i) Lack of debugging facility
ii) Client-side security
iii) Single inheritance
iv) Rendering stopped
v) Sluggish bitwise function

Applications/Usage: It is used in mobile/web applications, desktop applications and game development.

Salary: In the U.S, the average salary for JavaScript developer is $110,981 per year.

5) Swift

Swift is an open-source and general-purpose programming language. It was developed by Apple Inc. for iOS and OS X. It is multi-paradigm, functional, object-oriented, imperative and blocks structured language.

Features of Swift

i) Easy and safe: The programming patterns are easy and safe in Swift.

ii) Syntax: The syntax of Swift will be as same as Objective C.

iii) Suitable for OS X and iOS: Swift is the best programming language to write OS X and iOS programs.


i) Swift is easy to learn and it is open-source.
ii) It is enterprise-ready.
iii) The future of Apple development is Swift.
iv) This programming language is safe, expressive and fast as well.
v) Swift is familiar and approachable which means that C++ and C code can be added into Swift applications by the programmers.


i) There is a lack of support for the earlier iOS versions.
ii) It doesn’t have huge community support because it is still a new language.
iii) Interoperability with third-party tools and IDEs is poor.

Salary: In the U.S, the average salary for iOS developer is $130,801 per year.

6) C++

C++ is an object-oriented and general-purpose programming language. It can run on various platforms like Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, etc. C++ was developed in 1983 by Bjarne Stroustrup.

Features of C++

i) OOPs: OOPs is an important feature of C++ and it is an object-oriented language. With the help of these objects, real-time problems can be implemented based on data abstraction, data hiding, data encapsulation and polymorphism.

ii) Compiler-based: This language is compiler-based. C++ is different from languages like Python and Java which are interpret-based.

iii) High-level programming language: C++ is considered as a high-level programming language which makes it easy for the users.

iv) Case sensitive: In this programming language, the uppercase and lowercase are treated differently. C++ is case sensitive language.

v) Speed: C++ is much faster than languages like Java and Python because C++ is a compiler-based whereas Java and Python are interpret-based.

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i) Portability
ii) Object-oriented
iii) Low-level manipulation
iv) Multi-paradigm
v) Compatibility with C
vi) Large community support


i) Security
ii) Use of Pointers
iii) Absence of built-in thread
iv) Absence of garbage collector

Applications/Usage: It is commonly used in advance computations, game development and graphics compiler.

Salary: In the U.S, the average salary for C++ developer is $113,865 per year.

7) C#

C# was developed by Microsoft which was led by Anders Hejlsberg and his team within the .Net initiative and this programming language is a modern, object-oriented language yet a general-purpose programming language.

Features of C#

i) Modern programming language: C# is a modern programming language because it is based on the current trend and it is very strong and simple building scalable, robust and interoperable applications.

ii) Object-oriented: C# is an object-oriented language and makes development and maintenance are much easy.
iii) Speed: C# is a fast language because the compilation and execution are fast.

iii) Structured programming language: This programming language is a structured programming language which means that the program can be broken into parts using functions which easy to understand and modify.

iv) Rich library: A lot of inbuilt functions are provided by C# which makes the development fast and quick.


i) Object-oriented
ii) Automatic garbage collection
iii) Cross-platform
iv) Better integration
v) Backward compatibility


i) Less flexible
ii) Runs slowly

Applications/Usage: It is commonly used in web services, web and desktop applications. It is also used in building Microsoft applications at a large scale.

Salary: In the U.S, the average salary for C# developer is $66,493 per year to $101,775 per year.

8) PHP

PHP is open-source and general-purpose scripting language which can be embedded into HTML and it is suitable for web development. PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in the year 1994.

Features of PHP

i) Simple: PHP is simple and easy to use. It is a very popular programming language and commonly used all over the world.

ii) Interpreted: There is no need for compilation because it is an interpreted language.

iii) Fast: PHP is much faster than other scripting languages like jsp and asp.

iv) Platform independent: PHP is a platform-independent language and the code of PHP can run on any platform.
v) Error reporting: To generate an error or warning notice, this programming language has some predefined error reporting constants.

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i) Simple and easy
ii) Open-source
iii) Easily connected with database
iv) Easy maintenance
v) Great online support and a huge community
vi) Platform independent


i) Lack of debugging tools
ii) Weak type
iii) Low level of security
iv) Not suitable for large applications
v) Speed and performance of websites are affected.

Applications/Usage: It is widely used in e-commerce applications, web applications and content management systems.

Salary: In the U.S, the average salary for PHP developer is $84,727 per year.

9) SQL

Full form of SQL is Structured Query Language which deals with Relational Databases. This can effectively use to insert, search, delete or update database records. It was developed by Donald D. Chamberlin and Raymond F. Boyce at IBM and was available publicly in 1979.

Features of SQL

i) High Security: SQL is very to provide permission on tables, views and procedures which provides security to the data.

ii) High Performance: For highly transactional, high usage database system and heavy workload it provides the high-performance capability.

iii) Scalability and Flexibility: SQL is flexible and scalable because new tables can be created easily and in a database, unused tables or tables which were created previously can be dropped or deleted easily.

iv) Comprehensive application development: SQL can work for every size of organization whether it is a small or a large organization and it is used by many programmers.

v) Robust Transactional Support: With the help of SQL, numerous transactions can be managed and large records can be handled.

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i) No coding required
ii) Powerful library support
iii) Built-in database connection module
iv) Speed
v) Multiple data views
vi) Interactive language


i) Partial control
ii) Implementation
iii) Difficult interface

Applications/Usage: It is used in any database.

Salary: In the U.S, the average salary for an SQL developer is $84,792 per year.

10) Go

Another name of Go is Golang which was developed by Rob Pike, Robert Griesemer and Ken Thompson at Google in 2007 but it was launched in the year 2009. It is a procedural and compiled programming language.

Features of Go

i) Platform independent: This programming language is also platform and the code can be compiled and run on any platform because of its modular design.

ii) Powerful standard library: It has a powerful standard library which is distributed as packages.

iii) Simplicity: This programming language is simple and it was designed with a very minimalistic method.


i) Flexible
ii) Powerful standard library
iii) Quick outcome
iv) Garbage collection
v) Concurrency


i) No support for generics
ii) Absence of UI tool kit
iii) Interfaces are implicit
iv) Fractured dependency management

Applications/Usage: It is used in web applications, GUI applications and console utilities.

Salary: In the U.S, the average salary for Go developer is $94,082 per year.


These were a top trending programming language in 2019. Every year there is an update or a new release in the technology world. All these programming languages has its unique features, advantages and disadvantages. If anyone is interested in the I.T industry, then they should select from 10 trending programming language.
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