Top 10 Advantages of Social Media Marketing


Top 10 Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Top 10 Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing is a vast subject and has a major impact on the world of technology and marketing as well. There has been an area of specialization and mode of digital marketing because of its massive use.


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What is Social Media Marketing?

The use of social media platforms or websites for promoting a product or services is known as social media marketing. Many companies irrespective of size or types have started promoting their products or services on social media. It has become an important part of marketing because of its advantages. Some popular social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.


There are several advantages of social media marketing but in this article, we will mention 10 advantages of social media marketing.


1) Increase Brand Awareness:

Marketing through social media is a great option to promote product or services. It can help to increase brand awareness among the customers by following the social media strategy. Most of the people across the globe use the internet and there are active on one or other social media platform. Therefore, it will be a great place for promoting product or services. It can surely increase the brand awareness and among the existing customers and potential customers. The posts must be interesting so that customers are attracted to it.


2) Improve Search Engine Ranking:

The company needs to rank on the first page of the search engine. Social media marketing helps in improving the rank in search engine. Having high-quality traffic on social media sites improves in search engine rank, its result is slow but steady. It creates strong backlinks for the company. To achieve better ranking in the search engine, we need to create high-quality content with targeted keywords. The content must be informative so that customers are attracted and traffic is increased for the sites. Once the posting is done continuously then the social media community is built and the followers will ‘like’ or ‘share’ the content which helps to increase search engine rankings directly.


3) More Inbound Traffic:

Without social media marketing, a company won’t be able to attract new customers. Though, the business has it’s visibility in the market but only with the existing customers who know about the business. To bring more inbound traffic, the businesses must start involving in social media marketing and reach more new customers so that it helps in increasing the inbound traffic. Social media is a platform where different people are met with different ways of thinking. The content must be utilized on as many social media platforms as possible to bring these individuals organically to reach the business. Social media marketing gives a wider variety of versatile customers across the globe.


4) Higher Conversation Rates:

Earlier social media was used for connecting friends or family and now it has been extended, companies have started interacting with the customers by posting, sharing content or commenting. This has resulted in a building a bond between the company and the customers. Increase in the number of viewers or increase in traffic is done by a regular blog post, videos, image or comments. It shows a positive result in developing a relationship between companies and customers. According to the Social Media Examiner report, it stated that about 66% of the marketers saw lead generation advantages by using social media platforms at least 6 hours per week. There will be higher conversion rates because of the company’s involvement with the existing and potential customers.


5) Improve Brand Loyalty:

For every business, it is important to build a loyal relation with the customers. Loyalty towards customers must be the base of any business. Social media helps in developing a bond with customers. It also helps to connect the customers directly to the company. The customer’s views and demands should be considered by the company and they must make promoting strategies according to that which help them to improve brand loyalty.


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6) More Brand Authority:

To make the business more authoritative, brand loyalty and customer’s satisfaction plays an important role. When the existing customer is satisfied with the company’s product or services, then they start recommending it to their friends or colleagues. Therefore, it is necessary for a company to regularly interact with the existing customers; take their views and answer their query. The company must gain satisfied customers so that they advertise about their experience of the product purchased or services to the new customers.


7) Better Customer Satisfaction:

One of the most important aims of the business must be customer satisfaction. If the customers are not satisfied then that business won’t last long. Nowadays, customers want to get a personalized response for their query instead of an automated message. The company must get involved and acknowledge the views and comments of the customers and visitors also. Therefore, social media is a great option to communicate with customers. Regular interaction gives satisfaction to the customers.


8) Cost-Effective:

To promote a product or services, the company don’t need to print loads of advertising pages and do door-to-door advertising. Advertising through social media is very much cost-effective because signing up and creating a profile is free. The rate of return on investment will be high because advertising through social media is comparatively low. There are paid mode of advertising in social media which might be a bit but still, the effect is on a large scale.


9) Gain Marketplace Understandings:

Is it possible to know about the customer’s view or opinion without directly talking to them? Yes, it is possible by observing the consumer’s activity on the profiles. Social media helps the company to understand the customer’s interest and view. The social media can be used as a complementary research tool which will help to collect information and understanding the industry. Therefore, social media is one of the best places to gain marketplace understanding.


10) Thought Leadership:

Social media gives a way to become an influencer which helps to create a relationship with the customers. To be an expert or a leader, posting informative and well-written content on social media is necessary and utilizing the social media platform. People start following that influencer if their content is clear and helpful.



These were the top 10 advantages of social media marketing. It is an important mode of advertising online because it helps in increasing brand awareness because nowadays everyone is using social media. It has a mass impact on the people and customers get directly connected to the company which results in increasing brand loyalty.

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