PHP Vs Nodejs : MEAN stack Training in Kolkata


PHP Vs Nodejs : MEAN stack Training in Kolkata


What is php?

  • PHP is acronym of Hypertext Pre-processor.
  • PHP is a server side Scripting language through which dynamic websites can be developed .
  • PHP was created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf.
  • Popular websites running on PHP are, wikipedia,WordPress,Pinterest etc.
  • More than 75% of the websites of the world are running on PHP.



What is NodeJs?

  • Nodejs is a Server Side JavaScript runtime environment through which dynamic(Database-driven) websites can be developed.
  • Nodejs uses V8 Engine the same one which is used by Google’s Chrome Browser to execute JavaScript.
  • Node.js was written initially by Ryan Dahl in 2009.
  • NodeJs is used where heavy IO(Like, video Streaming , Real-time games, chats etc.) is required.
  • Popular websites running on NodeJs are NetFlix,Paypal, LinkedIn,Uber and Ebay etc.


1. PHP

PHP Is a scripting Language. PHP is a back-end(Server side) development language using which one can create a database managed websites.


1. NodeJs

NodeJs is a JavaScript engine. Nodejs is used in back-end or server side like PHP. But unlike PHP its not a language. The language used in NodeJs Is JavaScript.


2. PHP

The complete stack of PHP is called LAMP(Linux, Apache,MySql and PHP) stack.


2. NodeJs

The complete stack of Nodejs is called MEAN(MongoDb,ExPressjs,Angular and NodeJs) or MERN(Mongo,Express,Reacct and NodeJs) stack.


3. PHP

PHP is developed and maintained by Zend Company.


3. NodeJs

NodeJs is powered by Google’s V8 Engine.



4. PHP

PHP is a mature language and has large community to support.


4. NodeJs

NodeJs is new technology and its community is not as large as PHP. But growing very fast.


5. PHP

PHP requires any web server software like Apache or IIS to run.


5. NodeJs

Through NodeJs you can create your own server stack and serve the files.



6. PHP

Composer package manager is mostly used for package management.


6. NodeJs

Node Package Manager(npm) is widely used in Nodejs.


7. PHP

PHP works on Synchronous way.

Example: php $qry=mysql_query(“select * from customers”) while($rows=mysqli_fetch_array($qry)){ echo $rows[‘name’]; } echo “Hello World”;

OUTPUT: Output : Rajesh, Karim, Rohit, Anjum …. .. Hello World


7. NodeJs

NodeJs works on Asynchronous way.

Example: var results = db.executeQuery(‘SELECT * FROM customers’,function(err,rows) { if(!err) { console.log(“Error”,err); } else{ console.log(results ) } console.log(“Hello World”)

Output : Hello World Output : Rajesh, Karim, Rohit, Anjum … … ..


8. PHP

PHP is slower than NodeJs.


8. NodeJs

Nodejs is faster than PHP.


9. PHP

For complete website development, PHP is not enough. It requires, MySql, JavaScript, Jquery etc.


9. NodeJs

For complete website development its stack uses only one language, JavaScript


PHP – It has its own syntax.

JavaScript – It is a different language.

Jquery – It’s a JavaScript library.

MySql- It has structured query language.


Nodejs – JavaScript

Angular – JavaScript

Express – JavaScript

Mongo – JavaScript


10. PHP

PHP has large number of frameworks and CMS. WordPress, Joomla, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Magento are very popular CMS/Frameworks.


10. NodeJs

Frameworks like Express , MVC frameworks Meteor and Derby are the most popular. Apart from that there are few new frameworks like koa.js, hapi, total.js, sails.js etc.


If you need a databases driven web application which does not have to be very scalable. In that case you can use PHP over Nodejs. For example, for 10 page website its better to use PHP rather than NodeJs. Also, if your application stack is LAMP stack, then use PHP and not Nodejs


If your application requires scalability. If the appellation requires heavy IO, use Nodejs rather than PHP. Also, nodejs is very good for real-time chat-applications, video streaming, multi-player games etc. If your application requires MEAN stack or MERN stack, use nodeJs rather than PHP


Both, PHP and Nodejs are popular and both have its own pros and cons. PHP is very mature and popular language while Nodejs is modern and good choice among developers. It depends upon the application requirements when to use PHP and when to use Nodejs.

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